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Jooil K.
White Plains, MD
Ford Edge
Verified Customer
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07/18/2020 Category: Service
Jooil said he felt scammed. He went in for his inspection and he knows everything was perfect, he was charged $50.00 and $30.00 for a battery adjustment, and they said his window tint was to dark so they tried removing it.
RON W. from LMT Auto Repair responded on 07/22/2020

When preforming the inspection we found the customers two front windows were below legal spec in the state of Maryland. In the state of Maryland on a SUV the front two windows must be above 35 percentage and the back windows can be as dark as you want. So we removed the front window tint. As for the battery, the battery hold down was backwards and our shop installed the battery hold down correctly for you. Also, the third brake light was out which was 5 light bulbs which we also repaired for you. 

Alanna M.
Columbia, MD
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BEWARE don't go there
This place is a huge ripoff. If I could give it no stars I would. We were scammed immediately given we had out of state plates and were in the process of moving our vehicles over to Maryland. This required us to get a Maryland inspection, even though we had a valid Virginia inspection received just three months earlier. After keeping our car all day they informed us that it would cost almost $1,600 to get our car up to snuff to pass the inspection. Needless to say we picked the car up to pay another service center to give us a second opinion. I proceeded to drive away and did not even make it 1/4 of a mile before the tire almost came off the car! This place didn't tighten the lug nuts at all. I almost got in an accident on 175 trying to get to the side of the road as fast as I could. I proceeded to call the shop and they talked down to me like I was making something up and didn't know what I was talking about. They sent a mechanic out to check and sure enough the guy touched one lug nut and it fell to the ground, not to mention one lug nut was already missing. They had to fix my tire because of their mistake and then said they were sorry for the inconvenience. I was shocked, that's all they do after this incident...thank God it wasn't worse. We took the car to another shop and they did say we needed a bit of work and quoted us $300 to do all the repairs. Please BEWARE, this place is only in it to scam money out of you, not to mention the incompetent careless mechanics they have working there.

Greenwoo H.
Columbia, MD
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howl customer
My wife show up this auto shop without make appointment first because the car engine light turn on, she was worry about drive safe. And that bald head guy just howl at my wife for "not make appointment first". At lease, check make sure customer can drive safe before "come to your appointment" RIGHT!!!!

Glenn C.
Jessup, MD
Lincoln LS
Verified Customer
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08/01/2016 Category: Service
Glenn said this business gave him an estimate for replacing a part. He got a second opinion and that business fixed the part that this business .wanted to replace.

Columbia, MD
Toyota Tacoma
Verified Customer
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Disappointment and failure to correctly diagnose the vehcile's misfiring.
I have dealt with LMT for several years but I am disappointed at your failure to correctly diagnose the malfunction in my truck last week. After three days in the shop, I was advised by Mark that the engine was beyond repair without extensive investigation to the cause of it misfiring. He stated that test indicated that at least one possible more valves were defective and the costs exceeded the value of the car. Multiple test were run on the engine and I was charged $350 for 3.5 hours of work on the vehicle, even though it still ran poorly. I drove the truck down the street to Dobbin Auto Repair and they diagnosed that the truck needed a distributor assembly within 1 day. Its been repaired and the truck runs great. I feel I am out of $350 for a service failure by LMT, and as a result, I will not be returning.

David Y.
Elkridge, MD
Ford Mustang
Verified Customer
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06/06/2015 Category: Service
David said this business charged too much, they did not take care of his vehicle and they are cheaters. For the reasons stated above, he would not recommend this business for service.

Amy A.
Ellicott City, MD
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Horrible Customer Service and a Complete Scam
This place is an absolute JOKE. I was quoted a 4-hour window for a MD safety inspection. I dropped my car off at 8am, and when I called at 12:15, they weren't even planning to START it until after they ate lunch. When I mentioned the 4-hour window, they said "well you didn't say you needed it by a certain time." Well, when I agreed to the 4-hour window, I thought that meant 4 hours. not ALL DAY. After inspection, they said I needed 2 new front tires and an alignment, and quoted me $460-560. How dumb do I look? I bought 2 BRAND NEW front tires with lifetime warranty and an alignment that I was told would pass inspection for a total of $276 at a place with EXCELLENT customer service.

Well apparently, an alignment that meets state standards is not good enough for LMT because I didn't choose to spend twice as much there. They wouldn't even look at the paperwork I got from the place that did the alignment. They were rude and unfriendly when I tried to explain, and ultimately, I feel like they fraudulently took my money. Obviously I refuse to go back there and be treated like that, so I happily paid another place to do my inspection over (and passed with no issue). I fully intend to spread this bad experience by word of mouth to as many people possible and on as many social media sites as possible. I hope they understand that while their prices are ridiculous, customer service is priceless, and they clearly lack it.

Do not waste your money, your time, or your energy here.
RON W. from LMT Auto Repair responded on 08/12/2014
As far as your anger towards LMT Auto Repair, you should be directing that towards the shop that charged you and didn't correct your issue.  We did fail to complete your inspection within the 4 hour window. You dropped the vehicle off and we did take you to your office. Once we completed the inspection, we picked you up and you were able to make your 1:30 appointment.

As far as the inspection, we failed the front 2 tires and the fact that the vehicle pulled hard to the left.  Our estimate was to correct the issues.  We called you with an estimate and you declined our repairs. We did not pressure you about your decision.  We went out with you to show you the tires. 

When you returned Monday, we took you in first thing with no appointment.  The inspector road tested your vehicle and said that the vehicle still pulls left. At that point, he took you for a road test to show you the issue. The inspector did look at your paperwork and pointed out the camber was out 1degree which was causing the pull.

The other shop called and spoke with the inspector.The other shop had not road tested the vehicle. We gave him the state troppers name and phone number if he would like to contact him. They claimed that camber was not adjustable which it is! They  called us back a short time later and asked how much it would cost to adjust camber and what we do.

If that other shop had properly done the alignment, the vehicle would have passed the inspection and prevented tire wear.

Sounds to me you are directing your anger at the wrong person!!

Ron Winn
Lmt Auto Repair

Justin B.
Ford Focus
Verified Customer
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11/11/2013 Category: Service
He took his vehicle in for an inspection and they charged him for new windshield wiper blades, which he did not need. He will not recommend this business based on this experience.
RON W. from LMT Auto Repair responded on 11/25/2013

Wiper blades are check for inspection and yours did not pass.  We did call you prior to replacement and got your approval. 

Boyds, MD
Toyota MR2
Verified Customer
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not so great service
Yes the car is modified, I did ask them to warm the car up for 1-2 minutes before driving it NOT 10-15. That was an over statement from LMT. They refused to do a small and simple request from customer. If a simple thing as please warm my car for 1-2 minutes is too much to ask then the customer service is not up to par with other shops. My dad was right next to me when he state all of this. My dad say that he have been to many shops and never seen such bad customer service before. LMT shocked even my old man. Great customer service you give there (NOT!!!).

The first problem was not listing all the problems that is needed to be fix expecting customer to understand their writing on the inspection paper. The second problem is confusing customer: You have a inspection paper and you also give a nicely typed up shop required fixing paper on what's needed to be fix. The typed up paper only stated 3 things that's needed to be fix. I FIXED those 3 items. Then when I come back, you stated other problems and then tell me I am supposed to look at your bad hand-writing on the inspection form and fix those problems. If anyone have ever done inspection, that form is messy, has fractions & numbers, short hand words, and also with items whited out then re-writen. You expect a customer to understand your writing, short hand word, and fractions to know if certain items pass or not. Then you must expect all of us to read your mind or we are profession mechanic to understand what's going on.

On the second time I came back, they did the same thing. They listed only 3-4 small and simple items that's needed to be fixed on the typed up paper form but the other form has 2-3 more items (and i don't even know if those items pass or fail. All it was is a statement like "car drives badly"!!!). I tried to tell them about this, and their response is: "you need to look at this hand writen form". If that's the case, what is the point of typing 1-2 items that is need to be fixed up for? To confuse customer, to give them hope that they only have 1-2 items so you can say "Nope you need to fix these as well" so you can charge them more money again?

This is the problem I have with LTM, the service you provide is nothing compared to a small shop.

They can expect not to get any business from me or any of my colleages. I wish I NEVER went to them to begin with (and my old man agrees).

Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5
MD Inspection
My opinion:
Had inspection done on the same car 2 times, and paid both times. First time fail and gave me a list of items to fix. Fixed all the items on the printed list. Second time they gave me another list of items that are suspicious in my opinion.
1) fail due to "car drive badly". I looked up safety inspection guidence on google and it say NON-functioning car can still pass safety inspection. Why? The guidence states that as longs as tail lights and brakes work, car running or not, doesn't really matter. Also, I drove the car just fine. Leaves me to question what they are doing with my car.
2) scratch windshield fail inspection. Windshield was scratched due to old wiperblades. Again, I look up the guidence for safety inspection for windshield; the guidence states nothing about scratch windshield, it stated about tinting (Glazing) & wipers blades.

I feel like there is something fishy going on.
RON W. from LMT Auto Repair responded on 08/14/2012
LMT did an inspection on 4/26/12, and Mr. Nhat's vehicle did not pass. When the vehicle was brought in on July 31, the vehicle still had some of the SAME issues. Mr.Nhat has a copy of both inspections and the initial issues have not been repaired. The first part of a Maryland inspection is a road test. Mr. Nhat said that the vehicle is highly modified and needs 10 - 15 minutes for it to run properly. At LMT, we do our vehicle inspections by the "book". The windshield was scratched as he stated and had a light out, both of which were noted in April. I suggested that Mr. Nhat contact the Md state police to determine if our inspection of his vehicle was "fishy". That offer still stands..

Paul F.
Baltimore, MD
Verified Customer
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05/05/2012 Category: Service
Paul said they charged him for things he didn't need to be charged for. They charged him $40 for uncovering the seat belt in the back, $60 for replacing the front brakes and $50 for the adjustment of the windsheld wipers. They didn't tell him they were going to adjust his wipers. He said he felt they weren't straightforward and they took advantage of him. He would not recommend them for these reasons.
RON W. from LMT Auto Repair responded on 05/09/2012
Paul F., on 4/20, you brought your vehicle in for a Maryland state safety inspection. After completing the inspection, we called you and explained the items that failed. We gave you a price for the repairs and you authorized us to complete them. When we called you, we explained that the rear seat had to be removed to retrieve and test the seat belts. This is done to prevent any medical issues. (We don't know what is under that seat that could injure or cut us.) As for the wipers, that was for the replacement wiper blade assemblies to be replaced, not adjusted. All these items were discussed with you and you authorized the repairs, and your vehicle was issued an inspection certificate. If you had any issues with any of the repairs, you could have done the repairs yourself. Hope this clears up your issues and you reconsider your rating of LMT Auto Repair. Sorry for any confusion you may have had.

Columbia, MD
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5
Repetitive Over Charged for BREAKING the CAR
I previously thought LMT was a great place to get maintenance however after getting a diagnostic for $100 and being told a list of items that were to be fixed which cost another $500+ and leaving and having the check engine light to come back on in two weeks only to take the car back and be charge another $100 for another diagnostic (Which isn't really fair or make any sense when the issue was suppose to be fixed the diagnostic was already paid for). The car was running fine it was only take back to ask why the check engine light came back on, however only to be called and told that a head gasket was blown in the engine and the car needed a new engine. The KILLER part is I HAD TO PAY $100 to hear this NEW FOUND info when I already paid 2 weeks prior over $600 for work which included the diagnostic.. THE WORST is what happens NEXT, we go pick the car up and start it up to drive home and there is Sooooooooooo much smoke that it was unbelievable (NOTE: This is NOT why we took the car in, we actually took it in to ask why the check engine light came back on, there was NO SMOKE PRIOR) the car is 100% non mobile due to the extensive smoking, AGAIN this was not a problem before dropping it back off to ask about the light coming back on after the work performed two weeks prior.
RON W. from LMT Auto Repair responded on 11/25/2011
Mr. M did bring his vehicle in on 10/11, for a check engine and brake light lit on dash. We checked out vehicle and found code p0301 set in computer. Found brake fluid reservoir empty causing brake light to come on. Advised customer that brake lines severely rusted but not leaking at this time. Told customer that engine leaking coolant and oil. Customer responded that he had noticed an odor while driving. He asked how to correct the leaks. Told him engine replacement necessary because of leaks and that engine low on oil and coolant. Also told customer that cooling system was 2 GALLONS low. System holds 3 gallons. Customer authorized replacement of original spark plugs and wires to correct code p0301. Customer not interested in leaks. Roaded tested vehicle and notated on ticket other issues with vehicle. Vehicle came in on 10/31 (800 miles later), with engine light on. Scan computer and computer had p0175 set. Called customer and advised him of code. Customer approved $100 charge to run test procedure. After testing, advised customer that engine had mechanical problems and would need replacement. The smoke is a result of coolant burning due to intenal engine failure. Vehicle is 13 years old with 165000 miles. LMT has no other history of maitenance with this vehicle.

Columbia, MD
Verified Customer
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LMT used to be the best now it's like all the rest
started using LMT in 2010 referred to Mark at LMT by a business associate/friend. He seemed to be honest, fair and perform with high quality work. I guess that was just to get a new customer while they were building their business. My experience now - 4 times to them for the same problem within 1 month and now Ron wants to charge me for ANOTHER diagnosis after paying $1,500.00 to fix the problem I complained about but it is still occurring. Actually wrote on my receipt after my 4th visit for the $1,500.00 problem they diagnosed and I paid for "would require further diagnoses. customer declined." Yes, I declined having to "pay" for another diagnosis of the same complaint I just paid $1,515.08 while he refused to make another diagnosis without payment to do so.
RON W. from LMT Auto Repair responded on 09/06/2011
DebbiA. came to us on 12/22/09, for a complete check up of vehicle. At that time, we gave her a list of items (including front struts and rear shocks). We were asked to prioritize the list. In the mean time, the vehicle came in on several occassions with engine noise. Upon review, the engine had NO oil in it, which was documented on her tickets. When the vehicle was brought in on 7/18/11, it was for an oil change. After the ticket was written, she said she was taking a trip with the vehicle to N.C. and wanted the vehicle checked over and added an air conditioning service since the system didn't work. When we road tested the vehicle, we found the front struts, coil springs, and mounts had collapsed. The vehicle had no front suspension. The vehicle had gone over 15000 miles since we had advised her that they needed replacement. At this time, the vehicle was not driveable in a safe manner. The rear suspension has yet to be addressed. There is a noise in the vehicle, but is not attributed to the front struts. We have attempted to contact customer, but will not return our call.