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Gregory M.
Saint Petersburg, FL
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Sloppy job, Wont stand behind work, Bad Customer Service
Took our '01 F-150 to Middleton's Auto Care, 2740 MLK St. N. St. Pete. for a coolant leak at the top of the engine. It was determined that it needed a new intake manifold and I also asked for a coolant flush. The repair was done properly and all leaks fixed. After picking up the truck we noticed that during the repair, they splashed rust contaminated coolant all over the top of the engine which became baked on and will be difficult to remove. After discussing this w. the owner by phone and in person, he said they would do nothing about it. This job cost more than $1200.00, and all they had to do was rinse off the engine before it left the shop. I feel that this is very sloppy work and bad customer service. This will affect the value of the vehicle. Any potential buyer notice this and surmise (incorrectly) that it has coolant leak(s). We will never use Middleton's again. I do not judge a business just by one mistake. I do however have a big problem how they handled this one.