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Chartrice Y.
Seattle, WA
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Repeat Customer but NOT PLEASED this round.
My husband and I have bought 2 cars from Richs prior to our most recent purchase in December. The experience we had prior was AMAZING which is what made us want to come back when a need arose again in our life. The customer service was okay, we worked with Dante. He was good, it was just hard to get ahold of him and find out information sometimes. In his defense this was during Covid restrictions so office time was limited.
We found a van that we wanted to purchase, we took it to a mechanic to look at it. They came back with a number of issues that we would need to fix in order to make the car safe, the number one thing being a huge issue with the brakes. We returned the car and shared the printed report the mechanic gave us. After waiting a little bit Dante came back saying they would fix everything and add the charge on to our loan. Because we had such a great experience with Richs before we trusted that the work would be completed. We got the car in December and drove it every now and again because it is a second car. We started driving the car more in April when we both started back to in person work. Within a week the breaks started grinding again and shacking when you try to break, the oil change warning is on (this was supposed be taken care of as well) The car does this weird thing where it turns on by itself and the windows roll down. We have come outside to find this had happened on a few occasions and I witnessed it myself while sitting outside one day.
The car is completely unsafe and we can not put our daughter in it. I wish we could return the car, we are paying for a car that is not safe to drive and for repairs that were never actually completed. We even bought the warranty but because we didn't actively start driving it till a few months later the three month warranty had expired.
Very disappointed, we trusted this dealership and I feel like we have been scammed this time around.
Richard S. from Rich's Car Corner responded on 07/13/2021

We did replace the front pads and rotors. There are other brake components - calipers and brake hoses. These could have failed. Bring the car in so we can look at it. If the parts that we replaced are defective, we will replace them free of charge. 

The change oil light is just a reminder light that is programmed into the car at the factory. Just because the light came on does not mean the oil needs to be changed. We did change the oil and filter. We can check the mileage to see if it does need to be changed or if the light just needs to be reset.

According to forums on VW car issues, the window opening issue can occur if someone accidentally activates the key fob and puts pressure on the open button for more than 2 seconds (for instance the fob is in someone's pocket or otherwise is being touched by something).

J P.
Seattle, WA
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I leased a car with threm about five weeks ago and before I made my payment the car stoped working... I called to ask if them could fix whatever is wrong with it and I was willing to pay like I would at any shop but I was told that they are book for another month... it’s sad that I had not even made one payment and the car was not working... so basically I’m paying for a car to sit in my drive way until I can get it fixed 🤦🏾‍♀️
Richard S. from Rich's Car Corner responded on 05/11/2021

Sorry, this is a misunderstanding, we should have explained more clearly that the mechanic shop is busy, but we can get you in as soon as possible due to your car is broken down. We are in contact with the customer and working out the logistics to get her car here. Sorry again I have talked to my people to do a better job communicating.

Kendra M.
Jasper, IN
Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
Fair Prices! Poor Customer Service Rep(Danny Boudrieau)
I had been searching for a less expensive used car for a few days, pretty consistently, and after putting in all that time, I finally found one! A white 2007 Camry LE, with 112,000+ miles priced at $6,299.

Danny reached out to me the evening I made the inquiry, via email, and asked me to call him. I did and he did not answer, nor call back or answer my text until I called him the next day. He called me back immediately and said basically cars can't be delivered outside of the Seattle area (there is an option for vehicle delivery on their website).

I told Danny I was willing to drive a rental car up from Oregon to pick up the vehicle next Tuesday. He said that was fine but that they could not finance for anyone outside of Washington state, which I am currently in Indiana and relocating to Oregon on Monday.

I was pretty set on this car and my dad had actually offered to buy it for me, and I informed Danny of this. So, I got my dad on speakerphone with Danny, after Danny had just told me (without my dad present) that I could pay cash or credit/debit for the car, and I said my dad would probably do that. Then, when I had my dad on the call with Danny and I, Danny told my dad there was really no way I could purchase the car, without even mentioning to my dad that my dad could just purchase the car in full with cash, credit/debit on the spot (which is what he had just told me privately). My dad concluded, "It sounds like you'll have to find a car somewhere else." Danny said, "Yep." And with that, I thanked Danny for his time (he wasted mine!!!) and hung up the phone. It was as if Danny didn't even want me/my father to purchase the car. I felt totally snubbed.

Danny had mentioned previously on the same call to me that they sell about 130 cars a month there and I told him that was awesome. Well, keep up the good work, Danny Boudrieau! You obviously don't need MY business.

Spokane, WA
Ram Cargo Van
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5
They stand behind what the sell and will go out of their way so your satisfied!
Rich’s had the van I wanted for my business the problem was I live in Spokane and would have to drive to Seattle to pick it up. I am glad I took the chance. When I got there they had everything ready to go. I was in and out of there in an hour and a half. I had a couple issues when I got home that needed to be fixed I wasn’t even going to complain but they reached out to me to see how my experience was dealing with them, I told them about the issues I had and they sent me a check for the repairs. when I went there I knew I was buying a used car so I didn’t expect it to be perfect. Rich’s went out of there way to make sure my experience with them was 5 star. Thanks Rich’s, I love my c/v van it’s Ram Tough!!!!

Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
Go somewhere else or plan on putting an extra $1300 into the vehicle you purchase.
I got the van I was looking for. I drove from Spokane to get this van. I did my best to check out the van hoping I would find the problems before buying the van, everything seemed good. I read the reviews on this place before going so I was Cautious. Let’s just say they did an excellent job hiding the problems, At least I got it back to Spokane without a tow truck. The next morning there was a pile of oil on the ground and the battery was dead. Had to buy a new battery and replace the oil cooling system came to around $1,300 my bad I gave two stars only because I have to own the fact that I choose to go here after reading the reviews and there were a lot of bad reviews. Now that I have got that stuff fixed I really like the van. It was the only one I could find like it and I wanted it. I knew I was buying a used car but theses guys will rip you off if you choose to give them the chance. I didn’t call and complain because like I said earlier my bad. Wasn’t going to leave a review but this showed up in my email so if they want it here it is. I should just say this I would have paid 11,300 for the van you should have just had that stuff fixed on your end and I would be happy customer.
Richard S. from Rich's Car Corner responded on 12/09/2020

I am sorry about your oil leak. Like you, we did not catch it or was told about it when we purchased it. Although it was sold as is if you can email me a bill for the repair on the oil leak I am willing to pay 50%. 
Rich Sargent sales@richscarcorner.com

Everett, WA
Chevrolet Traverse
Verified Customer
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06/24/2020 Category: Sales
Check engine light
I got a 2009 Chevy traverse from them about a month ago. The next morning I went to do some errands and my check engine light came on. They told me they’ll take care of it and was really nice. They took my car to try to fix it twice and my check engine light still came back on. When I ask what they did to fix my car I didn’t really get a straight forward answer. I was told by Brandon I have a brand new catalytic converter but then I was told from a mechanic friend that I need a new one. This was a lot of money for me to spend and I’m disappointed. They were really nice but the last time my check engine light came on I got no response from Brandon.

Verified Customer
Sammamish, WA
Volvo S60
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
12/20/2019 Category: Sales
I walked around the lot a bit and no one greeted me. When I wanted a test drive they handed me the keys and the plate and said "here". They gave me average/slightly above average value for my trade in. Then they added some typical fees. The vehicle I got from them had the codes cleared before I was there so it showed no codes until I bought it and took it a gas tank down the road. Lots of unexpected issues with this car, even though they promised it was "a reliable commuter".

Bill & Teresa S.
Duvall, WA
Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
Rich’s Car Corner is like the postman, they both deliver, except they missed us
OK folks, we bought a 2001 Mustang GT convertible {80k miles}, to replace my 1996 Mustang GT convertible we'd owned for 15 YEARS. We had a new top installed on this 96 Mustang at Convertibles Only, we are familiar with new convertible tops (we've had a 1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible for longer) AND ADD, we are familiar with convertibles in general. Now Rich's must not have driven, this car or they'd have known there was an engine problem {or didn't care}, which to their credit they fixed. Did we get any type of documentation? NO, but it seems to have been fixed. (Aside, I had the car checked with our shop and they detailed the deficiencies)
This car is a CONVERTIBLE and Ron, our salesman, was totally unfamiliar with the term 'boot' when I asked if the car had one. 'No boots' was his response - I informed him that the term is singular, not plural.... I mentioned that the new top seems hard to deal with - the top and it's 'posts' in where it should clamp into don't match up. And the top motor is SLOW. So today (10/12/2019) the top would not come up, the motor would barely function AND finally, with my wife's help we got the top up. My recent communications with Ron tonight - 1. he claims to have a mustang convertible himself, BUT how can anyone with a convertible not know what a 'boot' is? I ask you. 2. he said to bring it in and he'd demonstrate to a top goes up and down. A method we are all too familiar with. 3. he said tough sh*t, there is nothing he could do. I'll ask you, is this the type of car sales you'd like to do biz with. Lastly, they offer a warranty thru ASC, we were stupid from a risk management perspective, the 'warranty' while it covers a lot of items, the maximum dollar amount they cover is, GASP, $1000. Both the Three & Six Month 'warranties' cover a MAX of $1000. What did the Six Month Warranty cost us? $508. Yes,we paid half of the total amount of coverage in premiums. Did Rich's Car Corner and Ron mention this? NO, NO, NO Ron did not. Using email and/or text messages provides a written documentary proof for any discrepancies that can occur with phone conversations. Keep that in mind with any important communiques....But don't despair future car buyers, this is only the opening chapter in this horrid story.....
Richard S. from Rich's Car Corner responded on 10/17/2019

We told him to bring it in. My understanding was they were having trobule latching the top down, which happens on a new top because they are tight until the top streches a bit. 

We have the receipts of work we did at no charge for customer. If the top doesnt want to go up from a folded postion this is a different issue, which we can look at. The last time he was in we showed him how to latch the top. If there is a different issue we can help. thanks for reading!

Kimberly B.
Craig, AK
Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
I'd look elsewhere
Called ahead and asked for a hold on a specific car, took public transport in, and they had leased it out. Offered to call it back in, and when I agreed, said they couldn't/wouldn't. Not a good experience overall.

Seattle, WA
Honda Element
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
08/04/2016 Category: Sales
Get the warranty!
Bought a Honda Element four days ago and wishing I had sprung for that warranty! Noticed oil spots all over my driveway last night and found out today that I need a new oil pan among other things that had been cheaply fixed. Overall typical used car experience. Any questions answered with a shrug. Right before I left they broke one of my license plate bolts in half leaving the end inside the hole and I asked if they could get it out and they seemed a little put out and said they were too busy.

Adrienne L.
Marysville, WA
Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
Eh... I'd be warned
Purchased a 1998 2.8 Quattro A4 Audi for the listed price of 4,449, about 5000 total.

It started with not even making it home the drive home, and I noticed it didnt want to turn over right away. The dealthership took the car back and replaced a part with no cost. (Great of them!) However, did the mechanic not check to see if there were other issues? Or did he just not care?

I've had the car for about a month now minus all the shop time, and now I can leave a proper review.

I was simply ripped off. NOW I have to pay 4500 to fix the car! That's how much was paid for it! I'm sorry, but that car isn't worth 9000 and I could have purchased a significantly better one through a different dealer or even Craigslist. I will be reselling the vehicle and purchasing a different one elsewhere.

Buyers beware of the hidden problems they don't seem to address.
Richard S. from Rich's Car Corner responded on 03/06/2016

Please remove, already answered, this is duplicate of the first post.   Thank you Rich

Marysville, WA
Audi A4
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 4.0/5Overall Rating 4.0/5Overall Rating 4.0/5Overall Rating 4.0/5Overall Rating 4.0/5
03/07/2016 Category: Sales
I appreciate it...
I appreciate the help very much for helping with the repairs of my car. I would still recommend this business to any of my friends or family, because of it being a great car lot.

Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
03/01/2016 Category: Sales
1998 Audi was listed at a unreasonable price. The car lot has great employees, however, the car that was purchased didn't even make it home the first night. The dealership took it back and replaced a part at no cost, but didn't check to see if there was something else wrong? I've had the car for about a month and and now need to pay 4,500 to fix the car, keep in mind that was the listed price. I don't think it's fair to sell a car over 15 years old essentially costing me 9 grand. It's not worth 9 grand, and I will be reselling and purchasing a new vehicle elsewhere.

I don't want my bad review to ruin anyone else's experience. It's a great place, just be really careful.
Richard S. from Rich's Car Corner responded on 03/06/2016

Hi Adrienne

Rich here, I am sorry for your problems with your car, I did talk to you at the time of purchase and told you to contact us if something that was expensive needed to be done.

We can easily save you at least 60% over retail, somehow I got this review after you had already gave the garage the ok to do the work.

I gave a $1000.00 check to help out and your Grandfather got the bill reduced another 500.00.

PLEASE contact us first next time, again I am sorry.

Honda Civic del Sol
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
09/03/2014 Category: Sales
Liked Car But Paid Too Much
Bought cute little Honda Civic del Sol. Admit it was somewhat a vanity purchase - bright color little pretend sports car. I knew I was paying too much (about 40% over dealer blue book for lower mileage car); but also found out at Honda dealer that I needed a clutch job plus transaxle replacement, which add another 60% to my costs. The salesman pretended, i think, that my offer of $500 over blue book was humor on my part and told the manager I offered the price he quoted me. The people seemed friendly, but I really don't trust them based on my experience. Sorry I can't recommend very highly.

Jeremy H.
Lacey, WA
Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
Decent car bad service.
So my Fiancee and I came here looking for a car we saw on their website. A 2000 Lexus rx300. It was there and looking around on their lot was pretty low pressure. No one tried to steer us away from what we were looking for or pressure us into a sale.

So we decided we liked the car and wanted to buy it but we didn't have all our money ready to go yet. So we asked if it was possible to leave a deposit since we lived in Lacey and would not have time to return that day. Our seller Ron Oak said that was fine. We also asked him about trading in our current car he took a quick glance at it and said $3000. Which I should have gotten in writing.

So we come back the next day to buy the car and Ron actually takes a good look at our trade and drives it. He then tells us its only worth $2000 and we are left owing the dealer $777 within two weeks. Needless to say I wasn't very impressed by this. I will always get my trade proce in writing from now on.

So also on the day before when we test drove the car I'd noticed one of the break lights was out. Ron said he'd get it fixed immediately. Next day when we get in the car to drive home: still burned out. Not what I call good service at all. It only took me all of five minutes to fix the light. I would have taken this up with Ron and made them fix the light but my Fiance had to get to work and we had an almost two hour drive back to Lacey.

Additionally we have since discovered that three of the automatic door locks don't work. To get these fixed at a shop will be approximately $400 each lock for a total of $1200. The rear brakes were also worn out and needed replacement. That was at least cheap to fix.

Another thing I found interesting was during Ron's speach about how little money they were going to make off the car we bought. He detailed all the things they spend money on before thwy could aell a car. One of the things he mentioned was Detailing. This car was not detailed. If it was they should fire whomever is doing it. My Fiancee found an empty pack of smokes and a toy under the seat and nacho chip crums. The carpets also had clearly not been vacuumed either.

Despite all this we actually love our car. I would not recommend anyone this dealership though, and I would never go back for another car.

Kylie P.
Seattle, WA
Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
Buyers be Aware
Walked into the dealership with over 3,000 in cash to purchase a car that was listed at 3,500 and had a blue book value of only 3,000. The car had a huge dent in the lower panel on the passenger side and had over 178,000 miles. The dealer we worked with ended up laughing at us when we offered inbetween the blue book price and list price. The dealer ended up walking away in the middle of our conversation. The cars look like a good deal but make sure to do your homework on them because most of their deals are not negotiable. They come off as being nice guys but in the end there is a big man behind the desk that is not willing to work with you. Beyond the awful customer service we felt very belittled when working with this dealership.
Richard S. from Rich's Car Corner responded on 02/23/2014

Were sorry this didn't work out for you. We tried to explain the internet price on this car was our very best price for this 2002 VW Jetta Wagon.

I did research this car before I priced it, in a hundred mile radius, this was 500.00 less than any other 2002 Jetta.

Kelly Blue Book is 3100, NADA says 3900, the two largest price  guides.

The problem is they are only guides and they vary wildly on what a car is worth, we feel a more accurate way is to check what the market is doing is on Autotrader, Cars.com, Craigslist, etc. 

Again were sorry for the misunderstanding, the first time they came in we explained this to the customer. They came in two more times and finally offered 3200 hundred out the door, when you back out tabs and tranfer and sales tax it comes to 2686.

Again were sorry for the misunderstanding.