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Anchorage, AK
Chevrolet Blazer
Verified Customer
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Used to be great not so much anymore. Put daughters life at risk
I've left positive reviews for this place before. Unfortunately my last visit is my final. I began to question sandlake the last time or 2 so this time when I brought my vehicle in on Thursday and they told me they call me right back and after several promises to call or talk to a senior mechanic I finally got 1 answer on Tuesday morning (I had several questions) "its not worth fixing" and they did my oil change and fixed my break lights (2nd time in less than a year). My gut told me that there was something being left out and I'm really glad I listened to it. We immediately took it from Sandlake over to another recommended mechanic Wons automotive. He got back to us by mid day and had everything completely diagnosed. Sand Lake had got a couple things right there was a bushing that needed repaired but it was not worth it and there was an oil leak that wasn't worth repairing. They missed HUGE critical issues though. We explained that this car was going to be sold or given to our daughter to be driven. Sand Lake told us it was safe to drive for the next year or 2. They were to look at the entire vehicle and let us know if anything needed to be done. Come to find out all of my brakes and rotors were completely bad, totally worn! They also missed an oil leak in a hose that was ready to burst that would destroy the entire car. Sandlake quoted me $4000 to fix my car and Won quoted me less than $1000 and even a handful of fixed things like a leak in my door. Its super sad I loved SandLake...
Timothy M. from Sand Lake Automotive responded on 05/29/2020

Good Afternoon Christina,
I would like to apologize for your experience during your last visit.  I will find out what went wrong and get back with you, not that it will change anything at this point.  Again, I'm really sorry for your disappointment and frustration.  I left a message for you on your phone also.  I will call you again next week when I have answers.  
Tim Mason

James T.
Seward, AK
Plymouth Grand Voyager
Verified Customer
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10/25/2018 Category: Service
James said he was misled and the mechanic tried to charge him for work that wasn't done. If he didn't say anything he would have charged him.
Tim M. from Sand Lake Automotive responded on 10/26/2018

On 8/24 van came in for brakes, after brakes were repaired customer called back and said van was overheating, brought  van back in, quick visual inspection could not find any problems. Customer called back in october to have van looked at for over heating , found van was 3 quarts low on coolant. Topped  off coolant, found multiple coolant leaks. Did not charge for diagnosis. only charge was for coolant we put in van $6.58. Customer did not feel he should pay this so we let it go. I'm sorry you felt misled but the  Brake job and cooling system issue  have nothing to do with each other. Not sure what was meant by charging for work that wasent done, we just did a brake job.

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