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GRADY M. on 10/06/2017
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"Second time problem with wheel fastners on two different vehicles"
Took my car in for tire rotation a couple days ago. Because the mechanic over tightened the center cap cracking one on my pick up truck, I removed my center caps on my Kia Optima before I went to the shop. Put them on when I went home. The next time I drove the cat I heard a clinking sound as I backed into my garage. Upon removing the center cap I discovered the face of the wheel lock nut was rung off. My car is garaged in a closed garage every night. The same mechanic worked on both vehicles. Can't take my vehicles there anymore. They have serviced all three of my vehicles....now I have to find another service venue. Makes me wonder if the front end work done on my truck is up to par. Guess I'll have to get it checked at a repaturable

Second time I've had problems with my wheels on two different vehicles serviced by the same mechanic. Can not trust this store to service my three vehicles. Now I have a wheel lock I can't remove because the mechanic over tightened the nut and broke the face off the nit
Vehicle: Kia Optima
Service Date: 10/03/2017
Review Created: 10/06/2017 05:26 PM
Larry P. at Magic Mechanic Inc. responded on 10/09/2017

Hello Grady, Please bring it back in so we can inspect your problem. Thanks

Naomi S. on 09/25/2017
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Naomi said she called on Wednesday morning to see if she could get an appointment. They told her to take her vehicle in on Thursday at 7:30 AM. She called later that day because she hadn't heard anything all day. When she went to pick up her vehicle they had not yet done anything. They said they would get to her vehicle on Friday. She took her vehicle home and she didn't have the service done.
Vehicle: Pontiac G6
Category: Service
Service Date: 09/19/2017
Review Created: 09/25/2017
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Larry P. at Magic Mechanic Inc. responded on 10/02/2017

Hello Naomi, We are deeply sorry for your inconvenience  . We  had a mechanic call in sick that day , So we running behind on the work load we had for that day . Hope you will give us another chance in the future.

Eugene F. on 01/02/2016
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Eugene said he spent $11,000 at this business to put a new engine in for him he drove it less than a mile and it blew up on him. He is very upset and disgusted that this happened he thinks this facility should have been more thorough.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Tahoe
Category: Service
Service Date: 12/30/2015
Review Created: 01/02/2016
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Larry P. at Magic Mechanic Inc. responded on 01/06/2016

We try to use the best quality products for your customers, We road tested 28 miles with no problems at that time and did other repairs to truck with no problems. With  purchasing  rebuilt engines we can't control how re-builders set up clearances and tolerances internally in engines and haven't had any problems like this in over 18 years of using this supplier of engines. Sorry for the inconvenience and we are working on this to get truck back to you so as possible. Thank You

Ryan R. on 08/12/2014
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Ryan said his experiences with the business were horrible. He has been to the business twice for service. The first visit he took his vehicle in because there was something wrong with the belts. They tightened the belts and when he got his vehicle back, he realized there was a hole in the radiator. They charged him $200 to fix the radiator. On this visit, he took his vehicle in so they could put in an alternator he purchased elsewhere. They told him the repairs would take one hour but instead the repairs took three days. They did not call or inform him about the delay. He called on day two to see what was going on and they told him his vehicle was in the bay being worked on and that it would be done in a few hours. He picked up his wife from work and they went to the business to pick up his vehicle. He was told that he needed a new battery. He purchased the battery and they told him his vehicle would be ready by the next morning. On day three, after picking up his vehicle, it started overheating and broke down 20 miles away from his home. He found out there was a gash in one of the hoses. He said he was very upset and frustrated. They were not very friendly or accommodating. They were the worst mechanics he has ever dealt with. Every time he has visited the business he has had to spend an average of $200 over the initial repair cost. It was not a very good experience and he said he is not happy after $1,000 worth of work. They were not willing to work with him. He will not recommend the business due to the reasons mentioned.
Vehicle: Mazda MX-5 Miata
Category: Service
Service Date: 07/24/2014
Review Created: 08/12/2014
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JD R. at Magic Mechanic Inc. responded on 08/15/2014

After reviewing our records, this customer has spent less then $500.00 with us" not a $1000.00, We have performed a safety inspection for trip and retighten his accessory drive belts at no charge" We have replaced his battery" We installed a alternator he supplied us" and we replaced an electric cooling fan" these repairs were performed during 2 differant visits" Problem customer has is evidently while driving debris flew up off the road and something puntured his radiator and it started leaking" Of course he blamed us and asked we pay for it? No kidding he wanted us to pay for his radiator after hitting something in the road" We said NO! and if a tree falls on the car were not responsible for that either" Guess it takes all kinds!
Larry Perry

Stuart O. on 06/03/2014
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"Careless mechanic"
Mechanic carelssly dented the hood which had just 3 weeks ago had been professionally repainted at cost >$500
Vehicle: Volkswagen Jetta
Service Date: 06/02/2014
Review Created: 06/03/2014 10:19 AM
sharon s. on 01/30/2014
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"A simple leak"
8 trips to fix a leak. A great inconvenience. Finally, we will run a leak test on trip 8.A leaky seal. But I paid for a new power steering pump as they thought that was the leak. It took 3 rebuilds to find one that works. But I probably did not need it . So now I have a rebuilt instead of the factory one. Cost over $500.00. I feel I really lost out. Each trip, more frustration. The employees were always nice . But I felt that I was at their mercy after I had paid the $500.
This was an extremely frustrating repair and it took months to get it done . Needless to say I lost faith in the company.
Vehicle: Saturn SL1
Service Date: 01/07/2014
Review Created: 01/30/2014 08:10 AM
JD R. at Magic Mechanic Inc. responded on 01/30/2014

This vehicle had several leaks, and the power steering leak out of the front seal was the worse one, we replaced the pump and would be fine for a while and the remanufactured would start leaking, it took 3 trys to get a good pump just like the customer states and each time we even showed the customer where the pump was leaking, after this leaky pump issue was resolved the customer returned at a later date with another leak, it was the head gasket oil seal that seals the block to the cylinder head leaking oil intermitantly" considering this customer had to make repeted trips back for the power steering issue we performed the cylinder head gasket repair at no charge" a value of over $1400.00 for the parts and labor that was provided at no charge" We didnt make the defective power steering pumps and warranteed them at no charge and under the circumstances we would have hoped our efforts of good will would have resulted in a favorable review, all our repairs are under a nationwide warranty and were here to help in anyway to further assist this customer if needed. 

Alan H. on 01/21/2014
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"Poppping noise during start not addressed with repairs"
Well, after $3,000+ repairs, the problem for which I brought the car in still exists. The tech found numerous other things which needed to be done because of the vehicles age and mileage, but I still have a pop noise when I start the engine.

Car is going back for more diagnosis when a loaner becomes available.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Impala
Service Date: 01/14/2014
Review Created: 01/21/2014 09:11 AM
JD R. at Magic Mechanic Inc. responded on 02/17/2014

I hope your now satisfied with the car this was not a normal issue, a slight back fire during start up only without any trouble codes was a difficult diagnosis since the car did this intermitantly" After recording a movie of the data more the 14 times and comparing data we found where cylinder #3 was receiving more then signal to fire only during a start, we found a defective ignition module was the culprite! We hope our efforts has proven worthy of your continued faith in Magic Mechanic!

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