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Manny A.
Escondido, CA
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Kelly L.
Escondido, CA
Kia Optima
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Cathy S.
Escondido, CA
Honda Accord Sdn
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08/14/2018 Category: Service
Cathy said they were very rude and refused to give her an estimate over the phone and made her bring her vehicle in. She said they were 2 times more expensive than other local businesses.
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Brian B. from West Escondido Automotive & Transmission responded on 08/20/2018


I am sorry you fell that you were not treated Fairly, I would like to know more about this concern you have with your interaction with us. as we take customers service very seriously and treat all customers with respect. If you would please reach out to me to talk about how you felt you were not treated Fairly I would appreciate your time.
In relation to pricing we only use OEM equivalent parts, nothing off shore, Our warranties are 2 years or 24,000 miles which ever comes first. We do not feel it is in the customers best interest to quote or install inferior components as this is a labor intensive job to replace the starter on your Honda. To install lesser quality requiring you to return for warranty repairs is not in the customers nor West Automotive Groups best Interest, I hope this Makes sense. 
Please reach out to me at you convenience
Brian 760-741-0071

Andrew H.
Escondido, CA
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