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Pat J.
Los Angeles, CA
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Warning...Revised Review..Please Read!
I have to revise my original review on 6/22:20...I took my car for diagnosis and repair on 6/19-30 and I picked my car up on 6/22..the next day the service engine light came on again along with the oil pressure light..I took the car back the next day (Wednesday) ...it took the whole day and finally I received a call with another diagnosed (RED FLAG) I spoke to the owner Steve (Stevie) who assured me there was another issue ...they supposedly made additional repairs...and Steve said the car would be ready on Friday. I called Friday and got the runaround....after speaking with Stevie I was told he needs to drop the oil pan to clean the Rest of the debris from the oil pan...this should have been done the first time I brought the car in on 6/19. Stevie did the second repair that he said was the problem and the car would be ready on Friday. I Called Friday but keep asking when my car would be ready and Stevie said he made the second repair but the oil pressure light and service engine line was still on. after waiting until 4:30...Stevic told me he was tired of us and that he was going to close the car up and to pick the car up and that he didn’t ar what happened to the car..he never completed
the repair from the initial visiIt. Went to check on my car on Saturday and Stevie was soooo rude...to the point I had to call the police....even after paying for repairs that weren’t done Stevie would not give me the keys to my car...because I would not sign the invoice....As a side note I’m African American )female) and a great percentage of their customers are also....this Guy Stevie is beyond rude (I’ll save that for another post). It he was acting like he wanted to fight my son for telling him that he needed to watch how he spoke to me...WARNING...stay away...this is a family business and they all watched how Stevie behaved and would NOT intervene.. One they get your car in and unless you’re Armenian they will screw you over!!!!

Pasadena, CA
BMW 530i
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