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Darryl W.
Oklahoma City, OK
Honda CR-V
Verified Customer
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Leak not fixed
I took my car in to have an oil leak fixed. Sadly, after an expensive repair costing hundreds of dollars, the car is still leaking oil. Now I don't have the money to take it elsewhere for repair. I have been pleased with them in the past but this was a fail. It just seems to me that the problem was not properly diagnosed. I have taken vehicles in the past to them and left satisfied with their work but not this time. I am disappointed and disheartened.
Angela L. from Beneficial Automotive responded on 01/10/2019

We are sorry to hear you are still having issues with your vehicle.  We would have appreciated the oppertunity to re evaluate the vehicle to see if we could help you out again.  If you remember when this repair was bid to you, we did advise you of the large amounts oil everywhere and the need to have a starting place for repairs without just replacing everything the first time if it wasn't necessary.  It is also possible there is just some additional cleaning under vehicle that needs to be done. 
Again, we are sorry you were unsatisfied and hope in the future you can find someone who can get you taken care of. 

Joshua C.
Oklahoma City, OK
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Very dishonest!!!! Don't use!!!
Shop charged me $1600 for transfer case and drive shaft on my Jeep. One week later I broke down in between OKC and Tulsa on the turnpike. I had it towed to new shop in OKC and they said the transmission was bad and the transfer case that was put in had a bad fork inside it. I called Beneficial and said since I had someone else look at it they wouldn't uphold there warranty. They than proceeded to call the salvage yard that they received the transfer case from and told them not to honor the warranty since I had someone else look at it. They also told me they were done and not to call the shop anymore. So they put a bad part in my Jeep, wouldn't honor the warranty, and than tried to say it was void since someone else touched it. Its like getting a 2nd opinion on a medical problem and than saying you aren't responsible for doing a bad operation. These guys are crooks.
Angela L. from Beneficial Automotive responded on 07/30/2018

Thank you for posting your review of our services.  We do distinctly remember you phoning the shop multiple times after your vehicle broke down and you chose to have your vehicle towed elsewhere.  We did explain multiple times (and it is on the invoice) that any warranty work must be performed at our location.  Also, if you remember, we offered to pay the tow bill to our shop so we could take care of any warranty, if it was a problem with the same item.  Now it has been another week and we still haven't seen your vehicle.  You were informed that we were installing a used transfer case but it did have a warranty for 90 days, IN OUR SHOP.  This is how the vendor chooses to honor that policy.  If they chose not to allow someone else to follow through on any warranty that is the vendors choice. 
We are sorry things turned out this way, but it is very difficult to diagnose and warranty any work when the vehicle was never returned to our shop.  All our work does come with a warranty and we do stand behind our work but some of that has to be in cooperation with the customer as well.  Hopefully, you will find someone who can help you with your auto needs in the future. 

Terril D.
Oklahoma City, OK
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They don't work on anything older than a 1994.
I don't understand how do you consider yourself to be a automotive shop that has limitations to what you work on. It's a 1989 Chevrolet the year should be irrelevant. It's a beautiful car in mint condition all I needed was the fuel pump replaced and they recommended me to someone else.So I would recommend that this is information that should add to their website.Would like to say thanks! for the experience and have a blessed day
Angela L. from Beneficial Automotive responded on 09/25/2017

I am sorry that we were unable to help you with your car issues.  In the times we are in today there is a big difference in newer vehicles than in older models.  
Our technicians are trained and skilled at meeting the needs of the newer vehicles.  
Because of the skill set of our technicians, this is why we felt like you were better off at another automotive shop to meet your needs.  
I am sure you can agree that just due the fact our technicians were not able to meet your needs this time is in no way reflective of a 1 star review when you were not able to experience our top notch service.  However, we would be happy to exceed your expectations should a need arise with a vehicle built within the last 20 years.  

Teresa C.
Norman, OK
Chevrolet Sonic
Verified Customer
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engine and tire symbol
I took my car in and was out shortly. They took care of the problems and recommended for me to get new tires, so I went to the place where they suggested and bought 2 new tires which 2 more will be bought shortly. Thanks again Beneficial for making me comfortable with my car's condition...I so appreciate the professionalism and honesty..Theresa