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Fishers, IN
Saturn VUE
Verified Customer
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Ignition coil
I took my car in for an estimate because my check engine lite came on. I previously went to Auto Zone to have them check the light and they determined a misfire at 1&3. Eslers looked at my car and told me that my ignition coil was bad and it would cost $650.00 to fix. I couldn’t afford to do the work at that time. I took my car for a second opinion and was told the same thing Eslers told me but the total price would be $258. My car is now fixed and I only paid $258 not $650. Thankful I chose to get a second opinion!

Kim M.
Westfield, IN
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Took it in for slipping feeling in wheels. Needed the transmission flushed, possible filter. $400-450. Called around- 2 dealerships only wanted $250. And the Cadillac dealership said it is not recommended to change this filter! I begrudge nobody for making a profit... but that is just down right dishonesty. When I got it back, the problem was much worse. Not sure why, as it had not changed in 6 months. But they were nice enough not to charge for the time driving it around to evaluate it.
Joel Watson & T. from Esler's Auto Repair responded on 03/05/2018

Eslers Auto Repair
 Sorry for the miscommunication, however the filter and flush was estimated at $375.00, flush only was estimated at $247.00. as for filter change or no filter change i personally would change it ,the dealers do not change as a rule of thumb, i believe it is insurance to keep from having a transmission issue . with the shudder your transmission was having it would be recommended

Zionsville, IN
Pontiac G5
Verified Customer
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Poor Communication and Frustrating Service
If there's an owner or manager to this place, call me, because you should hear what a frustrating time I had with your employees. I will never come here again after the way everything was so poorly communicated and the way the people "helping me" acted like I was annoying them by asking for status updates. Being ruder and more distant in response to a customer's concerns is NOT the way to handle the situation if you want a return customer. I'm guessing the motivation was "if we never make eye contact with this lady, call her, or even speak to her politely in person, she can't ask to see a manager!"

First visit was to fix an issue, it was fixed, communication was good. I called back a week or two later because a new but obviously related problem had surfaced, the team got my car in (after being extremely rude about the lack of a courtesy car...and no acknowledgement that that might be a nice gesture since the issue WAS caused by your mechanics) and kept it for 4 DAYS WITHOUT COMMUNICATING WITH ME AT ALL IN THAT TIME.

Westfield, IN
Lexus RX 330
Verified Customer
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Disappointed with front office
I was most disappointed with my front office encounter this trip to Esler's/ OI have been a customer for over five plus years. I hope you are merely in transitioin with regard to coverage in the front office. I called to make an appt. and got not answer. I called a second time and got a recording. The next day Travis returned by call. Travis promptly set an oil change appt for me. I arrived for my appt. and commented that the usual lady was not at the front desk. Travis replied curtly that she had not been there since October. I then inquired how easy or difficult was it to check the breaks.....My perception - Travis answered snottily how involved it is to check the breaks. So disappointing.... for I am used to much friendly encounters at Esler's. Sorry, but I will NOT be returning to Esler's.
Joel Watson & T. from Esler's Auto Repair responded on 05/30/2017

I have spoke with Cindy and have resolved the issue, this will never be a issue again .

Carmel, IN
Pontiac Fiero
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Paid by phone, went to pick up the car and would not drive
Had the car 4 weeks and could not get the car fixed. Car was obviously not test driven before I was called, or repairs were not effective.

Westfield, IN
GMC Pickup
Verified Customer
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Drove it in, towed it out
Would give them zero stars if I could. Brought my truck in to get a fuel system issue checked out. The RPMs were surging, sometimes wildly, so I left instructions warning to be careful when moving it. Got a call the following week telling me that my rear diff is stripped out, the truck won't move, and (surprise) it's going to cost over $3000 to fix, plus $1000 to fix the fuel system issue. Never once had a problem with the rear diff and had actually driven the thing to Florida and back a month prior with no such issue. After looking into it (and at what they broke), I can fix it all myself for a quarter of what they quoted to me. I took this vehicle in because I didn't have time to mess with it myself. Instead, all I got was something that reeks of incompetence followed by an attempt to rip me off. Esler's has worked on my family's vehicles for decades and always did good work in the past. I recently moved back to town, so of course they were the first ones I called when I needed some help. I don't know what happened since the last good experience I had, but they've trashed that relationship and will never touch one of my vehicles again.

Virginia S.
Fishers, IN
Pontiac Grand Prix
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
12/03/2012 Category: Service
Virginia said on her way out the facility the vehicle was doing the same thing it went in there for. She said she is really not happy about that and will be calling the business tomorrow. She stated this is the only vehicle she has and bringing the vehicle back is very inconvenient. She mention she doesn't have $500 to keep getting it fixed.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Joel Watson & T. from Esler's Auto Repair responded on 02/04/2013
We spoke with Virginia and were able to get vehicle back into the shop to discover that there were 2 diffrent noises, and we only experienced one noise. we were able to diagnose the other noise to intermittent A.B.S activation which we were able to repair by replacing the front wire harnesses to the wheel speed sensors.

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