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Chrissy C.
Orlando, FL
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Do not bring your car here!!!!
These people do not know what they are doing! I brought my Porsche Cayenne here due to mis firing and they gave me my car in worst condition did I brought it. Now my car shuts off every time I stop at a light or in idle and they broke a panel in the car. I brought the car back and they said they forgot to rerun somethings and will add a screw on the panel they broke. 2 days later my car is still shutting off at every light. I brought it back to them and they have no idea why it keeps shutting off!! They are not real Machanic and do not know what they are doing!!! 1 star is actually to much! Be ware and do not go there!

Osage Beach, MO
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Over charged
Had broken down on ramp to to turnpike. 5 dealers could not repair same day. Euro called and said they could repair. Car towed in at 11:am and repair completed at 3:30pm. Cost $2629.91 Car had 3 month 3.000 mile warranty so took bill to dealer and learned repair at BMW dealer would have only been $1369. I was over charged for parts and labor was twice dealer list. I believe the reason I was charged was I was from Missouri and stuck in Orlando.

Michael S.
Orlando, FL
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Do Your Research before taking your car to Euro Motors
2014 BMW X1, it needed a valve gasket cover
replacement because it was leaking oil. The repair was a very reasonable price.
I brought the car in on Friday morning, with the expectation that it would be
ready in the afternoon, as they said this was a repair that would only take a
few hours. The car was not ready that day, but ready on Saturday. When I went
to pick up the car I asked what happened, they said that they damaged an
injector during the repair and that they covered it since it happened as they
were doing the repair. Once i get in the car the Maintenance light was still
on, I asked if it wasn't reset, and the "Master Mechanic" said it was
due to an oil change that it required. To my surprise, this was something I
also requested they do at the time of when I had dropped off the car. They did
the oil change, I drove my car off and after driving it for a few minutes I
still see the white smoke coming out of the hood. I called the shop and told
them that this was still happening, the "Master Mechanics" answer was
that there was a lot of spilled oil and that the smoke would go away after a
few hours of driving. I said ok! if this is why im ok with it.

That same night when we tried to drive the car home from a
friends house, it started to misfire and to shake a lot. I was driving to
Charlotte from Orlando since we were in the process of moving. I ended up
having to rent a car so my wife and I could make the 8 hour drive with our sons
and a few of our things in my Mini and the rental.

When I called them the next Monday to report what had
happened. I requested they tow my car to the shop since there was no way it could
be driven to the shop. After pushing for them to do this, they ended up sending
a tow truck.

They finished the "Repair" in a manner of a couple
of hours. At my request i asked that they keep the car a few more days to
re-test and drive. Since I had already gone through the experience of my Mini
and the brake pads, I was concerned the car was not fixed properly.

My friend picked up the car on Tuesday, they were able to
drive it a few times that week. But Friday of that same week, the service
engine light comes back on. I was suppose to take a flight down to Orlando to
pick up the car and drive it back to Charlotte. I called and their receptionist
pretty much blamed me for not reporting this earlier since they were closed the
first Saturday of the month and they wouldn't be able to get the car till
Monday. I had to explain several times that the light had just turned on that
day and that my plane ticket had been purchased towards the beginning of the
week and explained that I was spending money on a ticket.

They end up going to see the car and run diagnostics on it
and according to their "Master Mechanic" the car was ok to drive and
that the service engine light will turn back off after a few miles of driving
it. Keep in mind that my car is still smoking, to which he said he cleaned it
as much as possible and that the smoke would go away after about 2 weeks of
driving it.

I get in to Charlotte on Monday. my wife drives the car on
Tuesday, remember, still smoking and service engine light still on. I guess the
8 hour drive did not burn the rest of the spilled oil. Wednesday morning as she
starts driving to work, the car starts to misfire again, in the same way it did
when they first "Repaired" the car.

We take it in to the local BMW dealership to have them take
a look at the car. After the diagnose the car, the "Repair" they did
was not done correctly, now I have the O2 sensor damaged because the car is
spilling more oil than it was before we brought the car in and the cost of this
repair is no $2,066.

My car has been at the BMW dealership for 2 weeks now
because I’ve been trying to get them to refund the money I paid for
"Repair" that was not done correctly, for the bad advice I received
from their "Master Mechanic" and all I get is that they've already
escalated my issue and concern to their upper management and that since they
are not the shop owners they cannot make the decision to refund my money. I was
told on April 20th that I would be receiving communication from
their “Upper Department” in 2 days. It is May 1st and I am still waiting to hear back from the “Upper department”. I called in to find out when I would be hearing back from them and all I got was bad attitude from their receptionist saying that I am basically bothering them by emailing and calling.
I have emailed them several times between April 20 and May 1st, but still “Upper department” has not responded to me in the 2 day window I was provided.

Do your research first.

Thomas J.
Orlando, FL
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Unsatisfied E.
Orlando, FL
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Euro Motor C.
Orlando, FL
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