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Kenneth S.
Bayport, NY
BMW 3 Series
Verified Customer
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MD Auto Customers - "Walking Wallets"
I called MD Auto because my 2006 BMW 330i wouldn't start, and MD had replaced my battery last year. They towed my BMW to the shop, performed an expensive diagnostic, which revealed a bad electrical ground. Cost me $400, but they repaired the ground problem easily.
What most upset me was, as I picked up the car, I was forced to watch a "slide show" containing over a dozen "red" (more serious) and "yellow" (less serious) problems with my otherwise fine functioning car. Each engine fluid was meticulously photographed to show why such fluid was "off color", along with the cost to repair. I was told that my rear tires and wipers wouldn't pass Inspection , even though I had not brought the BMW to MD Auto for Inspection and none was due for another 6 months. I was told that my SYNTHETIC oil needed to be replaced EVERY 6 MONTHS.

BMW repair costs are notoriously expensive, and MD Auto went OVER THE TOP in photographing each and every fluid, filter, tire and wiper on a car which was brought in to MD for a starting problem. MD Auto's unsolicited "POWER POINT PRESENTATION" was designed principally to separate me from my limited money through fear tactics on an otherwise fully functional car which is inspected every year and simply wouldn't start. I trust that the MD Auto mechanics know what they are doing. It's their MOTIVES for trying to convince me to spend well over $1000 to fix their classified "red" and "yellow" problems, through a detailed and unsolicited photo presentation of my car's engine, that bespeaks off unadulterated GREED on their part.

Rasheed B.
Patchogue, NY
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Tow truck never showed or called
Stay awsy bad service... tow truck never showed and they never called

Chris V.
Oakdale, NY
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