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Vaughn O.
Ellicott City, MD
Chevrolet Chevy Express
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Strange Noise
Took my 2005 Chevy Van to find the cause of a noise when driving the vehicle. Since the engine is under warranty they did some warranty work on the engine, but the noise was still there. They offered to do exploratory work on the transmission for a fee of $1,600, to which I declined. Took the vehicle to Catonsville AAMCO, and they immediately identified the notice coming from the "starter." They replaced the starter for less than $700 and the noise is gone. I would not recommend this repair shop.

Frank Y.
Ellicott City, MD
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AC problem
I have a 2006 RAV4. I had a a/c compressor broke and repaired at another small shop. On a hot day the lowest the temp of the air coming out of the vent was 60 degrees, that’s 20 degrees hotter than Toyota’s spec. I told the service writer of the problem. They worked on it and said the 60 degree was OK. They didn’t know what was wrong and said they would just replace all the parts to make it work. I went to Columbia Fleet for repair. The condenser was plugged up. They replaced it now the vent will go down to 39 on a very hot day. The cost was close to $300 to say 69 degrees is OK