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RALPH G. on 07/30/2017
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"Response time and efficient work"
Thanks for great work ...
Vehicle: Toyota Echo
Service Date: 07/21/2017
Review Created: 07/30/2017 01:32 PM
Steve H., Owner at S & P Certified Car Care LLC responded on 07/31/2017

Ralph, Thanks for the review, is there a reason you only scored us with a 1 out of 5?

Steve Haight
GAIL and JOHN W. on 05/05/2017
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"Not so great visit this time"
I'm not going to give a rating (but I had to pick a start in order to submit this feedback) because I'm mad at myself for not removing and loading my own tires, a mistake I will not make again since I found a nice big gash in the back of my Tahoe when I arrived home and unloaded my winter tires. Of course, I cannot say the mechanics caused the gash because I did not see them unload and load the tires. Also, the tires were mounted with the white lettering on the inside, and the Rs and Ls that were placed on the inside of the tires when they were removed last fall had to be scrubbed off when I got home. My mistake again for assuming since the Rs and Ls were labeled on the inside of the tires the mechanics would replace them with the marks on the inside and the white letters facing out. Finally, I was not given a military discount, even though I was given the discount during my previous visit. I will insist next time in filling out the entire form instead of just signing it like they asked me to when I arrived. Again, my mistake for not going over every detail with the staff and mechanics.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Tahoe
Service Date: 04/17/2017
Review Created: 05/05/2017 02:59 PM
DON and KAREN W. on 12/17/2016
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"Overcharge for parts"
Won't be returning. First, S&P installed 4WD struts on my 2WD 4Runner, then charged the 4WD parts price on much cheaper 2WD struts. Done...
Vehicle: Toyota 4Runner
Service Date: 11/30/2016
Review Created: 12/17/2016 08:19 PM
Richard W. on 03/17/2016
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"Not so good... Should be a Zero Stars, now that I know"
I have been a S&P Certified Car Care customer for several years and have always accepted their higher prices, which I associated to “its Alaska, there’s shipping cost”, or a convenience for being in Eagle River, but after having my last bill reviewed by a professional I found that I was being OVERCHARGED (double billed) on labor. As it was explained to me, S&P was charging fair market price for parts (cost plus markup) and the steps in the repairs were accurate, but they were charging me for each step as an individual repairs; even when one repair was required to get to the second repair and even a third repair. This means I was billed for the same labor multiple times even though the labor only occurs once in the total repair. The example was: they would charge to place a valve cover gasket at the normal number man-hours and then charge me the normal number of man-hours to replace a head gasket, even though 1/2 the labor would have already occurred with the valve cover gasket repair. Legal or not… I don’t know. I authorized the repairs and I accept that. HOWEVER, to most quality shops this is considered “padding the bill” and is not cool. I have since stopped taking my vehicles there and am seek a new shop. I would suggest anyone who uses S&P to get them to justify their labor charges.
Review Created: 03/17/2016 11:44 PM
Steve H., Owner at S & P Certified Car Care LLC responded on 03/18/2016

There seems to be some confusion on one of our sides, the last invoice for your Subaru was for Valve Cover Gaskets & Spark Plugs and an oil change. No Cyl. head gaskets were replaced.
We did give you an ESTIMATE for head gaskets that may be needed at a later date. We do not PAD our bills. If you have any questions please give me a call.

Steve Haight
JACOB and CHAYLA G. on 03/10/2016
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The people are nice however I am very unhappy with the work. We have been up there atleast 5 times about the heat in my husbands jeep. We originally paid $1,700 to get the heat fixed, it continued to only work on the drivers side when it felt like working. We could not take it back due to the fact we were living in Wasilla at the time. My husband left for JRTC and the heat then decided that it was just going to quit blowing all together. We had some friends follow us and drop the jeep off once again.
After being called the next day and being told that we would have to pay yet another $350 to get it fixed we said okay. They later called us to come get it and assured us that it was fixed. We paid and started the jeep, I turned the heat on full blast and noticed that it was not blowing air out. The manager took a look at the new part they had to replace and came to tell us that the mechanics that put the piece in put it in backwards.
We got home once again to find the heat workin when it wants again, just timing it so that we can drop it off when it isn't working.
The mechanics are careless when it comes to their work and putting in the part just goes to show it.
I would definitely not recommend this place to anyone!
Vehicle: Jeep Grand Cherokee
Service Date: 03/08/2016
Review Created: 03/10/2016 04:56 AM
Wesley B. on 01/05/2016
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Wesley said his overall experience with this business has been absolutely horrible. He brought his vehicle to them for a simple diagnostic on his exhaust, and the technician broke $500 in equipment on this area while doing the diagnosis, which was pretty rotten. He drove the vehicle there and had to have it towed away because of the damage he had done. Ed, the manager from there, was very rude and inconsiderate about the whole situation. This by far was the worst experience he has ever had when receiving service. Also, his technician swore at him as he was towing his vehicle from there. He would at least like to be compensated for the parts, which he had to pay, he had to do the service himself. He will never have contact with them again unless it was involved in court.
Vehicle: GMC Pickup
Category: Service
Service Date: 12/29/2015
Review Created: 01/05/2016
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
LYNNDA E. on 06/30/2015
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"All Ball joints but NO Hub change, BIG PROBLEM"
Front upper & lower ball joints were changed separately, so TWO large labor charges instead of one combined. Note was made on my invoice to 'recheck' the Hubs on down the road. I was driving to lower 48 THAT day. After going to Anchorage & back, the grinding and vibration was worse. Shop is closed on Saturday so I went to Midas. Both hubs changed quickly, they could NOT believe it wasn't done. The dynamics change after new ball joints & it actually stresses the hubs worse. I would not have made it through Canada!! I was also charged for an alignment, which can NOT be properly performed if hubs are bad.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Silverado
Service Date: 06/26/2015
Review Created: 06/30/2015 09:15 AM
Steve H., Owner at S & P Certified Car Care LLC responded on 06/30/2015

Sorry to hear that you had problems after leaving. I really thought you would make to Washington with the hub just starting to growl and could get it repaired cheaper there. As far as the alignment goes, our machine will not let us do an alignment if the bearings have play them. wheel wobble is picked up on the rollout procedure. If there is any thing I can do to satisfy you let me know.

Steve Haight
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