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Greg B.
Bowie, MD
Toyota Camry
Verified Customer
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Again we picked up our car to find it unlocked and the headlights in the OFF not AUTO position as we always have it set - for safety reasons. Not sure why the techs have to turn the headlights to OFF to change the oil... If they are skilled enough to turn the lights to OFF and change the oil, I would think the same skill set would enable them to turn the headlights to the owners setting. What is so hard about locking a customers car when you park it nearby - not directly in front of the shops door. I hope they have better regard for the customers car while working on it. It is not hard to press the lock button on the key.....
Danny W. from White's Auto Repair responded on 02/15/2017

I sincerely apologize that you had a less then stellar experience on your last visit. I was sure you would have wanted to write about that you brought your car in thinking you needed brakes and were amazed at our honesty to tell you that you didn't. But your concerns can always be addressed with myself or our front counter service manager. We can also make notes for any customers car to prevent these issues. But let me explain why they did happen; when vehicles are brought in for an oil change, we always perform a free 30 point inspection. When vehicles are brought into our shop and are on "auto headlights" the lights will stay on because the vehicle is indoors. So we turn them off as to not kill your battery. Part of our 30 point inspection is also to check all your lights including high beams. not putting your lights back in "auto" was an oversight on our part. We serviced your vehicle on a Saturday and parked it for your pickup in front of our office that was in our view the whole time. But we will make sure it is locked for you in the future.

Richard B.
Lanham, MD
Ford Mustang
Verified Customer
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12/29/2014 Category: Service
Richard said the business could do better with getting work done in a timely fashion. They took six months to repair his vehicle. He would not recommend this business due to the reason mentioned.
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Danny W. from White's Auto Repair responded on 01/02/2015

This customer brought his car and own parts to our shop to do a high performance motor rebuild. This is not our core type of work that we perform on a daily basis. Customer was informed at time of drop off that this job would be worked on during down time for technician. Unfortunately we had few times that this occurred. Then there were missing parts that were not supplied to us that we had to locate and special ordered in order to complete work requested. So yes, this turned into more of a project, then a normal auto repair. Most shops would not evan had taken a job of this magnitude in or have technicians skillled enough to do this kind of work.