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Maximo G.
Lanham, MD
Toyota Matrix
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11/27/2017 Category: Service
Maximo said he was told if he was to get his vehicle serviced at the facility, they would not charge him for diagnostic work. It would be part of the price. However, he was still being charged $120. The staff told him he would have to spend $1400 on his vehicle to get the discount. He was not aware. He also said it is not a $1400 job to get his rear hub bearing assembly done, which was the problem. He had a really bad experience, and did not appreciate it.
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Danny W. from White's Auto Repair responded on 11/28/2017

So Maximo came in after he drove from California to here. Before he left he had two front axles replaced. After they were replaced there was an audible noise when making right hand turns. His left rear hub bearing making the noise. Maximo has an AWD 2005 Toyota Matrix and to do one side in rear calls for 3.18hrs, he also needed two tires and a serpentine belt. Altogether all three items came to $1302. Maximo declined everything but belt. He asked for a discount for the hub bearing on the serpentine belt repair and I told him when/if he does the hub and tires I would extend a discount.Hub/bearing was $880.97, tires $246.76 and belt $174.90. He thought the $120 was gonna go away when he purchased the serpentine belt and I explained that the diagnostic of $120 was for our technicians time for diagnosing his noise issue which he authorized up front before write up

George A.
Bowie, MD
Chevrolet Cobalt
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07/27/2017 Category: Service
George said this business charged $130 to tell him what he had already told them was wrong when he walked in the door. It will be the last time he goes there. It is a shame because they used to be a good place but now it seems like they gouge people for nothing. He stated he believes their business will not do well with such bad treatment of their customers.
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Demetra C.
Upper Marlboro, MD
Dodge Neon
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05/10/2017 Category: Service
Demetra said she is going to file a complaint with the consumer affairs office because she was quoted $15 for the re-inspection but when she went back, they changed the price to $35. They failed her due to a little chip on the passenger's side window. She said they are unprofessional and they have a problem telling the truth.
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Danny W. from White's Auto Repair responded on 05/12/2017

Ms. Crowder came to us for a Maryland State Inspection, which we performed. Having the following items fail; control arm bushings, front brake rotors, rear brake drums, battery holddown, crack in windshield and broken motor mount. As stated on her original invoice there is a charge for reinspection. Granted if we can visually reinspect an item, we generally do not charge for that. But in this case, we have to road test vehicle [for braking], remove wheels for measurements of brake rotors and drums. This is all in accordance with Maryland State Police Enforcement Code. None of the employees told her $15. And she was quick to point out that vehicle didn't need to be road tested and we could just look through the wheels. Also the crack in windshield wasn't that big. It was 3/4". We just enforce the laws as written not to fined.  

Lanile D.
Bowie, MD
Infiniti M37
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Poor customer service
Took my car in to fix a flat tire. Technician crashed my car in another car. They did offer to fix it at their expense. I was without my car for THREE days. White's did not offer to pay for a rental car NOR did they waive the cost of the tire. All I got was a sorry.

Carlos B.
Glenn Dale, MD
Cadillac CTS
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Awful job
Smoke is coming out of the muffler all white did put some oil in my car and said they fixed the problem wow really engine light still coming on I guess they don't want to deal with my car bad bad service !😡😡
Danny W. from White's Auto Repair responded on 07/28/2016

Customer was advised that we could not duplicate their complaint of "white" smoke coming from exhaust. Customer was advised that that no oil was registering on oil dipstick. To quarts of oil was added to engine to get oil to register on dipstick. Customer was also advised that"blue" smoke was coming from exhaust (indicating the burning of oil. At no time was check engine light on. Technician also road tested vehicle (3 miles), but was hesitant to drive too much because of repercussions if stopped by police because of "odor" in vehicle. Customer was also advised that if "white" smoke returned, that we would recheck complaint. 

Eleanor S.
Bowie, MD
Chevrolet Cobalt
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03/30/2016 Category: Service
Eleanor said she had gone to the business for an oil change and they broke the hub bearing, which makes her vehicle sound like an airplane landing and have refused to repair it at no cost to her.
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Danny W. from White's Auto Repair responded on 04/01/2016

Yes, we were accused of "Breaking" her right front hub bearing. Just from raising and lowering car for oil change. Truth of the matter is this is impossible to do, as we explained, showed, road tested with and offered her a very large discount to correct noise problem. 

Marquis D.
Bowie, MD
Cadillac DTS
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Horrible service and communication
The service that I received from White's this time was horrible. I had been getting my vehicle repaired at White's for several years now and referred quite a few people to them. Sad to say that I will never use White's again after this experience.
Danny W. from White's Auto Repair responded on 03/10/2016

Sorry that feel your experience with us was less than stellar. But it would be unfair to the other customers that had dropped off their cars prior to yours for repairs if we pushed them back to work on yours. You were given a guestiment as to when we could start on your vehicle. Dropping your car off after hours does not constitute as your vehicle being here for that day. And we can never predict on how long diagnostics can take, especially with the unusual problem that was detected. You were kept in the loop [as you called seemingly every other hour] throughout. You just were not happy with the reasonable time line that we were able to provide. It did not help that the part ordered for you car was damaged in shipping and we had to overnight another. Other than your problem with time, your vehicle is running very well and at a fair price.  

Yanliang G.
Westborough, MA
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They can't handle their mistake!!!
White's auto replaced my timing belt and water pump with my own parts on 7/2/2014. I was charged $517 on labor for the work. I noticed that my car was noisier after the repair, but didn't realize it was not repaired correctly. I put another 6000 miles on the car afterwards and the car became noisier and noisier. I was in Boston when the noise became non-bearable, so I brought the car to a reputable auto shop there to diagnose the noise. To my surprise, the mechanic found that tensioner spacer was missing in my car and the timing belt was very loose, Once he put a new tensioner spacer back, my car is very quiet. I was charged $403.8 for the repair.

According to the mechanic, white's auto repair didn't put the spacer back when they replaced my timing belt. So I went to the shop to ask for a refund of $403.8 I paid for their mistake. Brandon from the store who handled my repair suggested that spacer was not required. But I double checked the Boston Mechanic, and confirmed that part is absolutely required!!!

Brandon said he can give me $100 store credit, but not the refund. Because I was not happy with that, he said he would have his father (store owner) call me, but his father never called even after I paid a second visit to the shop.
Danny W. from White's Auto Repair responded on 06/11/2015

As Owner of White's Auto Repair, we take great pride in standing behind all of our work. But Mr. Gu was made aware that there is NO WARRANTY for customer supplied parts as stated in writing on his invoice "White's Auto Repair is not responsible for damages or loss caused by any failed part not supplied by White's Auto Repair. Customer is responsible for any additional labor charges or replacement of any supplied part or product". I liken this to someone walking into a restaurant and asking the chef to cook their supplied food, then be upset with the meal. Point being, we have years of experience in the vast range of quality of parts. Therefore we will not install the "cheapest" part because of high failure rates. This is a perfect example of going against our better judgment of installing customer supplied parts. When something fails....It's our fault. If it were a "missing" part, vehicle would have not driven over 6,000 miles. And yes, we offered a $100 store credit as an act of good will.