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Toyota Tacoma
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I think they are scamming me
Trying to charge me 600 for a bearing replacement. Part at AutoZone is $150...they knew I was in a rush so charged more. and said if I can wait a few days the could do it for $450

Jon N.
Olathe, KS
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Dont Trust Them
Had my transmission checked out, the scanner said it was a bad solenoid. Took it in they charged me $300 to tell me it needed a new transmission. Took it for a second opinion because I didn't have $3000 to put into a 10 year old car....turns out it was the solenoid as the scanner stated, paid $200 somewhere else to have them replaced and it works great. Trust is now broken.

Jon N.
Olathe, KS
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Incorrect Diagnosis
Really disappointed and now have even less trust in Winters Automotive. I went to them because they are small town shop that if your reputation is dishonest you wont last. I was wrong. The code said solenoid was bad, they told me I needed a new transmission. I couldn't afford $3000 so my father in law had a guy replace the solenoid and its running better than before. Either they have no idea what they are doing or they are out to take advantage of customers who dont know any better. Really sad to see and they can argue all they want about what they saw but they never even suggested trying the solenoids. I would never send someone there and I ha e family in Gardner.
Ryan W. from Winters Automotive & Transmission responded on 02/22/2019

Hi Jon.  Th initial inspection led us to believe the solenoids in your trans were bad.  So we told you we were going to have to remove the pan to get to the solenoids to inspect and test them.  After removing the pan we  a large amount of metal and brass in the fluid and pan indicating an eminent transmission failure.  That metal is what destroyed the solenoids.  The charges reflect the fluid, gaskets and labor for that job. Any repair that does not stop the metal would be temporary.