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Josh C.
Oklahoma City, OK
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Crooks!!! They will screw you!!!
After they put a used transfer case in my Jeep I broke down the very next week. I had another shop look at it and they said the transfer case had a bad fork inside it and also the transmission was bad. I called to get my transfer case from Beneficial and tell them what had happened. Donnie tells me that since I had someone else look at it the 90 day warranty was no good. The warranty was on the part. He also told me that a transmission job was something they couldn't do because it was a Jeep. So the only way to get warranty was to have it towed to their shop, have the transfer case swapped, and than have it towed again to someone else to have transmission fixed. I offered to bring him the transfer case so that he could see it had a bad fork. He said it was my problem, not to call them anymore, and than called his vendor Frank at G&R and told them not to honor the warranty. These guys are awful human beings, very petty, very unprofessional. Can you imagine being in Florida and breaking down and being told because you didn't tow the car back to Oklahoma that the warranty was no good? Please stay away from these guys.
Angela L. from Beneficial Automotive responded on 08/06/2018

Thank you for posting your review of our services.  We do distinctly remember you phoning the shop multiple times after your vehicle broke down and you chose to have your vehicle towed elsewhere.  We did explain multiple times (and it is on the invoice) that any warranty work must be performed at our location.  Also, if you remember, we offered to pay the tow bill to our shop so we could take care of any warranty, if it was a problem with the same item.  Now it has been another week and we still haven't seen your vehicle.  You were informed that we were installing a used transfer case but it did have a warranty for 90 days, IN OUR SHOP.  This is how the vendor chooses to honor that policy.  If they chose not to allow someone else to follow through on any warranty that is the vendors choice. 
We are sorry things turned out this way, but it is very difficult to diagnose and warranty any work when the vehicle was never returned to our shop.  All our work does come with a warranty and we do stand behind our work but some of that has to be in cooperation with the customer as well.  Hopefully, you will find someone who can help you with your auto needs in the future.