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Kyle M.
Anchorage, AK
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Kind when open.
I had two vehicles serviced with CPR this week, so that says a lot already. My rating is based on the fact that they closed early only two hours after sending me a text message informing me that my vehicle was ready for pickup. I received the text message at 3:43 PM, which said they would close at 6. After walking to the shop from my house, I arrived at 5:30, by which time they were closed. I'm sure the service has been done quite well, but I am not able to use the vehicle, as it is locked behind the gate, which is obviously problematic. I know that CPR is quite responsive to reviews, and this is an attempt to get the vehicle before I need to use it this weekend! I really do hate giving bad reviews... but this seems like something which might need improvement. I look forward to adjusting this rating and review!
Bill H. from CPR Automotive responded on 05/31/2017

First I would like to apologize for my employees closing the shop early without contacting you to let you know or asking me if it was ok. I left early Friday for the long weekend and was not informed that my crew was closing up early. I will certainly be having a talk with the responsible people to let them know about this. I would appreciate if you could contact me at the shop to try to make this right. Sincerley, Bill Hancock.

Ken L.
Anchorage, AK
Ford RV Cutaway
Verified Customer
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03/16/2016 Category: Service
Ken said he lives next door to the business.
Bill H. from CPR Automotive responded on 03/18/2016

Not really sure why the low score? We fixed Ken's motorhome, installed a new master cylinder and brake booster and got him on his way by the time requested. We thought he was happy when he left.

Andrea T.
Anchorage, AK
Dodge Dakota
Verified Customer
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misdiagnosed and cost me 1300
I was very happy with these guys until I tried to repair an engine knock. Instead of taking the time to really make sure they knew what it was, they jumped to a conclusion. I obeyed like the trusting consumer that I am, they are experts right? So I forked over $1300. Guess what? Didn't fix the problem. Now they want to put a whole new engine in it ($3000). Well, I think I will get a second opinion. Would have made a world of difference if they had admitted they misdiagnosed the noise and then have me in store credit towards the real problem.
Bill H. from CPR Automotive responded on 05/05/2014

We are very sorry that the lifters did not fix the ticking noise. Per our original phone conversations, along with the list of everything else you requested, you asked what the ticking noise sounded like in the engine. We said that it could be lifters as it did sound like a normal lifter issue, but we couldn't guarantee that. You agreed that it sounded like lifters from being told by other people you talked to and/or from internet browsing. We at that time advised you and tried to talk you out of fixing the engine tick at this time. Just fix a couple of main vehicle problems, (oil change, driveline and fuel pump), and just drive it for awhile to see if it got worse and really revealed the problem. Then at that point deal with the engine. It was your choice to fix everything on the list and deal with the engine tick later.  Then you came back a couple weeks later for a clicking noise when turning the steering wheel. We diagnosed the click as a steering shaft.  You also asked for another quote for the lifter replacement. The ticking noise had not gotten any worse but you requested to go ahead with the lifter replacement hoping to take care of the engine tick. We tried to say we couldn't guarantee this would fix the problem and asked if you were sure you wanted to do the lifter replacement anyhow. You said yes.  We fixed the steering shaft issue and proceeded with the lifter replacement at your request, the inside of the engine was varnished and the lifters were gummed up, one broke trying to remove it. Then we brought you the bad news that the lifters did not fix the ticking noise and since it will take more elaborate engine repairs mentioned that replacing it with a used engine was cheaper than a complete overhaul. We understand the dissapointing situation your in and mentioned on one of our phone conversations that this is why we would rather do a prebuyers inspections before the vehicle was purchased. Had you known all the issues this vehicle had before you purchased it could have saved you from this situation.

James A.
Anchorage, AK
Chevrolet Colorado
Verified Customer
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stolen goods
Love the place, love the managers, fair and descent business, but my car was robbed while I was there, so I won't be coming back.
Bill H. from CPR Automotive responded on 12/07/2013

Mr. Ashton stated that something was missing from his center console but would not tell us what was missing. I [Bill Hancock owner of CPR Automotive] asked what we could do to make this right and was told nothing. We did park this vehicle behind our shop for a brief period. I know that no one in our business would remove something from a vehicle, and if I found out that they had I would immediatly terminate that employee. I don't know if Mr. Ashton ever found what was lost but if so I hope that he would let us know and repost to clear this up.

Kelly R.
Anchorage, AK
Ford Pickup
Verified Customer
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Unethical/Lack of Attention to Detail/Poor Service
I thought I had found an auto repair shop that I could trust until this visit. The first issue I had with CPR Automotive this visit was when the mechanic was explaining what repairs needed to be done, he tried to tack on extra parts that were unnecessary to fixing my vehicle. Had I not questioned him, I would have paid an extra $120 for it. The second issue I had with CPR was that they changed a part out on my radiator and told me the coolant leak on my vehicle was repaired but it wasn't. The mechanic would have known this if he had checked his work and looked under my truck once he was finished installing the part. It took all of one second to look under my truck to see a very large puddle of coolant which meant that he hadn't fixed the leak. When I pointed out the large pool of coolant under my truck while it was still in their yard, the mechanic said it wasn't from my vehicle. I asked him if he was sure about that and he said yes. Once I got home, the truck was leaking coolant even worse than when I had brought it in. I had to bring my vehicle back which ment an extra day in the shop and my wasted time (that I had to take off of work). The third issue I have with CPR is that the radiator they replaced on my vehicle three years ago is defective. When I asked them if my radiator should last longer than three years, they shrugged their sholders at me and stated probably but the part was out of warranty so they couldn't do anything about it but that they could install a new part and charge me for both parts and labor.

Next time I need a mechanic, I will look for another shop.
Bill H. from CPR Automotive responded on 08/09/2013

Mr. Roberts we are truly soory that your radiator went bad in your vehicle, it had been 3 years and 30,000 miles since we had replaced it for you, our warranty is 12 months or 12,000 miles. As far as your front brake repair it is common procedure to replace brake pads and rotors when repairing brakes proffesionaly and warranting the repairs, in fact it is a liability for a repair shop to not machine or replace the brake rotors. In no way was that an attempt to sell you parts that were not needed. My technician pressure tested the cooling system before and after the first repair and did make a mistake when he replaced the radiator petcock, it appeared that the coolant was leaking from it but was leaking from the end tank seal and running down behind the fan shroud. We did discount the radiator repair and also did not charge for any additional coolant. We do apologize for the inconvience of having to have the vehicle a second time to repair it for you. We have performed many other repairs for you on this vehicle in a proffesional and timely manner and would like to continue that in the future for you. Sincerely Bill Hancock.

Joshua S.
Chevrolet S10 Pickup
Verified Customer
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02/15/2013 Category: Service
Joshua said he was extremely dissatisfied with CPR Automotive, because he paid $400 for service he did not receive. He said they replaced a recently purchased belt and battery but his vehicle still had a problem. He said it cost him an additional $22 to fix his vehicle himself.
Bill H. from CPR Automotive responded on 02/20/2013
Had you done the recommended repairs the first time and not declined them there would not have been a second time. You created your own problems and felt we should have fixed them for free. You spent roughly 300.00 and did receive what you paid for. Unfortunately the world does not owe you and probably should spend your money on a vehicle worth repairing.
Bill H. from CPR Automotive responded on 02/20/2013
We bleed your clutch when we told you the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder should be replaced, the bleeder screw was seized and had to be freed up before we could even do that, we also had notes on the work order and told you that the idler pulley was missing and you choose not to repair that. When the vehicle came back it had a different battery installed very poorly and the negative terminal would not tighten, we installed a new battery bolt and a battery that you supplied that was dead when we got it. The mounting bracket for your idler pulley was missing so a new pulley could not even be installed. So your statements are a bold face lie!

Anastacia C.
GMC Yukon
Verified Customer
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Tried to take advantage of me.
A very important cable came loose and caused me to lose all power in the middle of a busy street. Not even a half a mile away from the shop. it hadn't even been 10 mins after i left the shop. It took an hour for the tow truck to show up. Get back to the shop they cant find the problem till i go back and show them what cable it was. They say they are going to fix it. so i go back into the lobby and then he comes out and asks me to at least pay the tow charge because they are fixing a problem they made worse to begin with for free. He tried to say it was because it was done "shotty" by the previous owner of the vehicle. But i have owned this vehicle for over a year and not one problem with that cable. He said that it was going to happen in the future anyways. his excuse to try and get me to pay the tow fee. I asked him what do you think the chances are that the person doing the repair knocked that cable loose while working in that same area as the cable and didn't notice. He said that "could" have happened. In my eyes that is what happen. lets look at the facts: they were working in the same area the cable came loose, I lost all power less then a half a mile away from the shop, I had just left the shop less then 10 mins after and my vehicle dies completely. Even if the the cable was going to come loose in the future that is the future we can cross that bridge then. But they are the reason i had to cross that bridge now. I don't appreciate them trying to make me feel bad and how they tried to place the blame on someone else. I feel like it was a B.S. excuse they made up to get more money out of me because i am a women who doesn't know any better. So women if you are going to bring your car into them don't fall for there B.S excuses know your stuff. So not only did they try to rip me off but i lost out on very valuable hours at work because of them. And they had the Gaul to try and make me feel bad, now that is B.S!
Bill H. from CPR Automotive responded on 02/20/2013
We are very sorry that this vehicle had any problems after installing the alternator. I was not trying to rip Mrs. Cross off but trying to explain that the reason this happened was because her battery did not have a hold down installed and in the past had a poor repair done on the posative battery cable and terminal. We did disconnect the negative battery terminal while replacing the alternator and possibly the battery moved at that time due to not having a hold down installed. The cable that had a problem was the main power cable from the posative battery terminal to the underhood fuseblock that had been cut and not installed well into an emergency battery terminal. With this cable not connected the vehicle will not start. After we installed the alternator we tested it to make sure it was charging and all was well. We had no reason for any other concern at that time and drove the vehicle out of the shop and Mrs. Cross started the car and drove away. Shortly after that the vehicle died while driving which I do admit looks bad and we certainly did not know this would happen. We dispatched a tow truck immediatly when Mrs. Cross called through the tow company that we use and upon arrival had it put right in the shop. I [Bill Hancok owner at CPR Automotive] looked at the vehicle right away and saw no problem with the alternator install. Mrs. Cross stated a cable was not connected so I asked her to show me. At that time I saw down next to the battery that the cable had come out of the emergency terminal. We cut the corroded cable back and installed a new cable end with heat shring to seal the wiring for a permanent repair of a previously poor repair at no charge fixing what certainly would have been a no start situation in the future and just asked if she would cover the cost of towing the vehicle which she refused feeling we were trying to rip her off. Again we are sorry that there was any problem at all but we had no reason to even suspect this at the time we performed the repairs. I would also like to mention that several times in the past we had helped Mrs. Cross with vehicle problems and feel that we have treated her fairly and proffesionaly.