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Review for Furgerson's Garage
Allison B. on 05/11/2015
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"Took too long"
Furgerson's has always been a 5-star establishment in my book, but my last visit caused me some concern. I brought my car in Friday morning. When it was determined that major work needed to be done, I was told it would be ready at 3:30 Monday. Monday at 4:30, when I hadn't heard a peep from you guys, I called. That's when I learned I would be without a car for another full day. I work in downtown San Diego. I'm a single working woman with only one car. Not having time to make arrangements to get to work was a major hardship, and frankly, it ticked me off. I was thankful for the verbal apology, but that didn't get me to work. I haven't given up on Furgerson's yet, but I am considering my options. I will recommend your business, but will tell anyone who asks about my most recent experience. I'm happy to say my car is running great!
Vehicle: Honda Accord
Service Date: 05/05/2015
Review Created: 05/11/2015 03:17 PM
Brad and C., President/Owner at Furgerson's Garage responded on 05/12/2015

All of us at Furgerson's Garage apologize for delivering your vehicle a day later than promised. When performing an in depth repair such as the worn out timing chain in this case, we always use the highest quality parts to produce a lasting repair.  The service advisor ordered all of the necessary original equipment  parts from our local Honda dealer as soon as we obtained approval from the customer. The Honda dealer at this point did not get all of the special order parts we asked for shipped in on schedule. Unfortunately it was later on during the day on Monday once we exhausted all of our available resources to obtain these parts, and it was determined that the remaining needed parts wouldn't arrive until the next day. This is the cause of the later than expected notice that the repairs could not be completed on time. Immediately upon receiving the required parts the technician reassembled the vehicle, completed the diagnostic monitors required for the smog check, and successfully performed the smog check. The entire Furgerson's staff understands the need to complete tasks on time and as promised to keep our clients on the road. To help ease the inconvenience of the late delivery, Furgerson's Garage is sending our valued customer a complimentary service voucher for her next visit. As always thank you for your business, and we look forward to seeing you at your next visit!