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Fresno, CA
Ford Pickup
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Still this shop is wrong ripping people off
Took same truck that Sebring west wanted $3900 to fix mostly brakes / not even fix everything / and got everything fixed for $1000 at another shop, so yes the truck had a few issues but not even close to $3900 worth of repairs / so this shop should be closed down /. And I can sell my truck for whatever I want ,

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They are out of there minds
Wanted min $3900 to get to pass brake and light inspection , the truck sounds like shit , went in and had no exhaust leak ,
Brian P. from Sebring-West Automotive responded on 01/31/2018

The truck was in very bad condition. It needed all brakes front and rear including calipers, rotors, drums, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, pads and shoes for a 1 ton truck.  Turn signal and headlamp switch also faulty and needed diagnoses and repair of the back up lights. Truck also has power steering gear and power steering hose is also leaking that was part of the estimate.

I reality it needs a lot of work and was given a fair estimate.

But whats funny is that the technician that inspected the truck found it on Craigslist the next day for sale for $3500. You would think if we are so high that he would have gotten a second estimate or opinion before listing it for sale the very next day.

Clovis, CA
Chevrolet Malibu
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Unsatisfactory results
This is the second time that I have taken this particular vehicle in to Sebring West only to be told that they could not fix the problem. Less than a year ago we took this vehicle in with transmission issues only to find that it needed a new transmission. $4,500 + dollars later the vehicle was kept two days longer than we were told it was going to take while finding out that the technician who worked on the vehicle cause a short while reassembling the transmission which shorted out the computer. The vehicle was then taken to Michael's Chevrolet to complete the repairs where a new computer was installed and then we were able to pick up our vehicle. That expense of $1,200.oo + was at the expense of Sebring West. This time I took the same vehicle in because it has been doing some very odd things such as the EC Brake Traction flashes on the dash when started and it does not allow you to put it in gear as the shifter remains locked for several minutes before releasing. Being that it is a brake function I have huge concerns because it is my wife's car and her safety is number one! The vehicle was in your shop for every bit of two and a half days only to be told that they could not fix the problem because they were not equipped with the tools needed!
So, my question is this, we never failed when it came to paying for any services rendered and the vehicle has never ran the same ever since the transmission job was done. But with the answers given by the service manager Darrell, why would we even ever consider taking back to you guys when you are not equipped with the necessary tools needed. ARE YOU A MECHANIC SHOP OR NOT?
Nowhere in your advertisement does it state, "Only selected jobs done"!!
I have spent good amounts of money at Sebring West. All I will say is, outside of the warranty left on what work was performed on the vehicle in the past "Transmission", we will never return to this shop as they have very clearly specified that they are not equipped with the proper tools!!
Brian P. from Sebring-West Automotive responded on 08/22/2017

Gilbert, my name is Brian. I am the service manager. I am sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with us. We do appreciate your review. However, we do everything possible in attempt to perform complete diagnoses of vehicles that is why your car was here for over 2 days. We spent as much time as possible to figure out the problem you bring you vehicle in for. Unfortunately not all the information is available from the numerous manufacturers in order to properly diagnose all vehicles produced. There are some cases that it is in the best interest of the customer to seek dealership assistance. I hope you understand the situation and can find it in yourself to give us another chance to gain back your trust. Please call me if you have any questions or comments. Thank you.

Fresno, CA
Nissan Versa
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2009 Nissan Versa - Too Old to Repair
I relied on the expertise of Sebring and it turns out my vehicle was too old with too many issues to repair (7 years, 127,000). In the course of 18 months, I spent $3,600 on repairs. Just days after the last repair ($1,600), the CVT transmission starting having problems (repair estimate $600 to $4000). The vehicle's Kelley blue book was $3,700. It would have been nice for an automotive expert to say here are the pros and cons of repairing a vehicle this old.

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