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Brentwood, TN
BMW 3 Series
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Never Again.
Things have changed at Wurster’s, and not for the better. I’m pretty sure you sent the white BMW 328 that came in right ahead of my black one back on the street with no brakes, considering that you claimed my brakes were “shot”; it must have been that white BMW whose brakes were allegedly “shot” because your theory regarding MY brakes was vehemently disproved IN WRITING by both BMW of Nashville AND a second trustworthy BMW authorized repair shop I’ve subsequently moved my family’s auto repair business to. The entire interaction with Mike was unprofessional and sarcastic; when I refused to let you repair my engine oil leak because two other shops easily outbid you, (by $300!) you said (and I quote): “I sure hope BMW honors that quote on your engine oil leak” to which I responded, “I’ve been dealing with them since 2001; I think I’ll be the judge of that”. It was already emailed to me in writing; of course they meant business. And honor it, they did - obliterating your estimate AND not charging me FRAUDULENTLY and unnecessarily for an entire brake job that I did not even need. Two things I’ll leave you with: my family has been patronizing this place since Dieter was in charge back in the 80’s. My Dad - Lynn Wallace - has spent thousands upon thousands of dollars at your establishment over the decades on various Mercedes Benzes and collector cars; most notably on his 1952 MG. We have told everyone how great you guys are (although our position has sdrastically shifted since that point). Last year, you kept that MG for over two months and mike - you continually and personally promised to “call him back tomorrow” and never did. He had to call or even SHOW UP in person repeatedly due to your unprofessional lack of follow-up. That is no way to treat a 78 year old man who has been a loyal customer for decades. Secondly, and just for your information, I’ve submitted your inaccurate brake diagnosis and estimate along with BMW’s and a third local evaluation of said vehicle - both of whom directly contradicted you - to my family’s attorney for review, and to have it on file. You ought to be careful falsifying unnecessary repairs. Do not make the mistake of thinking just because someone is a woman that you can lie to and scare her into $1400 of unnecessary work. And when you send folks out the door with your “God Bless You”, make sure that you are being genuine. Coming from you, it smacks of hypocrisy. Thus far, I have not submitted any negative reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Google, or to the Better Business Bureau. I’ll give Mike a chance to respond first.
Mike W., President from Wurster's Foreign Car Repair Inc responded on 12/22/2017

Ms Cash, I am sincerely sorry you feel dissatisfied. We value your opinion and strive to provide a positive experience for all our customers. I'd genuinely appreciate the opportunity to discuss any and all of your concerns by phone or in person. Please feel free to contact me anytime Mon-Fri 7:30am-5:30pm.

Mike Wurster

Alan L.
Brentwood, TN
Mercedes-Benz ML350
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ok o.
Nashville, TN
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