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Mohammad E.
Mountain View, CA
Dodge Intrepid
Verified Customer
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09/29/2016 Category: Service
Mohammad said this business did not actually look into the problem with his vehicle. They checked the battery and that was it. He will never return to this business again and would not recommend them.
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Dennis M., Manager from Griffin's Auto Repair responded on 09/30/2016

California State Law states that we can only charge you for what we give as an estimate. You asked us to test for a short because the battery was going dead. We tested the alternator, tested good.  We tested for a short, tested good, no short apparent at that time. We tested the battery, battery tested bad. You declined to have us replace the battery. When you asked for the estimate you made no comments of other electrical problems that you wanted us to test for. had you have done so your estimate would have been higher. I explained that to you, we don't do testing for free despite what you wanted. you were told that other issues would be at additional charges, there is not one test that locates all problems. The issue here is not what we did but what you wanted to pay for. Our systems are the same as any other shop trying to locate multipal problems. If you work with electrical systems then you know that to be fact. Best of luck to you

GMC Yukon
Verified Customer
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no customers so the service is quick that is the only good point I can understand why !...
I was proposed a remanufactured alternator for 100 $ less, I refused , anyway a remanufactured altenator was installed, I wasn't informed and I paid 340$ while it costs in most other places 200$, unfortunately I discovered that later.
Dennis M., Manager from Griffin's Auto Repair responded on 10/08/2012
I have been trying to reach you by phone,but to no avail so I am trying email. When I quote Alternators it is my attempt to give all customers three choices. New with all new parts, new remanufactured with reusing the external housing and replacing all internal parts and rebuilt units where only the damaged parts are replaced, reusing the good tested used parts. I usually advise the middle choice. It is apparent that my explination was not clear and I am very sorry for that. If this explanition does not clear the issue, and you still feel that you did not receive the Item you selected I will be happy to install a completely new unit at no additional charge. My reputaion is more important than any dollar amount and I value you as a customer now and in the future. A new unit sell for $415.46, a new remanufactured unit sell for 321.40 and a rebuilt sells for 218.74. The middle choice is the one I installed. Again I am sorry for the missunderstanding and wish to make the situation better for both of us. Thanks Dennis Griffin.