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Jennifer H.
Tallahassee, FL
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Wow! Above and Beyond!
Chip with Import Authority reached out to me after I asked about my window. Chip and his team decided to replace the plastic unit and a switch, going far above and beyond what any company does today. You can trust your vehicle to the team at Import Authority. They will do whatever they can to fix your vehicle and ensure that you receive an honest and fair price.

Thanks again for going above and beyond and replacing my trust in your company.

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Not so honest.
So, I noticed after taking in my vehicle that the window control unit on the drivers side door had popped up. I have never glued it on. I have never messed with it. But now it won't remain attached. I called this morning and spoke with Chip, who put me on hold. He came back and said that Jason was trying to put the window up, and the switch wasn't working. Which it does stick, but it works. So Jason popped the unit off to check the switch, and it wouldn't go back because it looked like someone had already glued it back, and it wasn't broken by them. So, Chip advised that I should either replace the unit, or glue it back. Oh, and Chip said that Jason should have put notes indicating that, instead of covering it up and never saying anything about it.
Yeah. Not so honest when you break something and the company doesn't want to fix it. And I AM telling the truth, because I didn't glue it. And have never messed with it. You could've made it right. You admitted you broke it, but now you don't want to fix it? I didn't break it. I shouldn't have to pay for something I didn't break.
Import A. from Import Authority responded on 01/17/2018

   Thank you for your input. We love to hear from our happy customers, but hearing about areas where we can improve or where we have failed is just as valuable. Please be assured that we work very hard to make all of our customers happy and will certainly do so for you.
   This situation could have been easily avoided if we had had better communication on our part. We try and make a habbit of asking our customers if they are having problems with any of their windows before we work on it. Windows are often lowered to listen for noises and to assure keys are not accidentally locked in vehicles. We failed to do that, so we were unaware of the problem preexisting with the window. The technician told me (Clinton) about the switch because Chip was at an appointment. I failed to make a note on the ticket and by the time you arrived, I had forgotten completely about it. Chip, of course, knew nothing about it either becuase I had forgotten to tell him too. This is not an excuse, just merely an explanation. We have ordered you a replacement switch and bezel and hope you will allow us to install it for you. If you would rather just pick up the part when it arrives, that's fine too.
    We are so very sorry to have allowed this mess-up to occur, especially on your first visit to us. We know how important first impressions are and we feel awful that our first one to you must be so negative. It is certainly not our standard and we hope to prove this to you in the future.

Import Authority

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