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Lynn H.
Akron, OH
Kia Sportage
Verified Customer
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Exhaust leaking
We just had a catalytic converter installed on our vehicle and now the exhaust is leaking underneath vehicle up closer to the engine and making a horrible rattling noise. I'm concerned about carbon monoxide poisoning and of course it's Saturday and they are closed! Not very happy about this! Very concerned for my wife and grandson, and she has to have use of this car because of our busy lives and we don't have a backup vehicle!

Larry C.
Akron, OH
Ford Pickup
Verified Customer
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10/14/2016 Category: Service
Larry said this business took about 6 days to finish his vehicle because the first part they got did not work and they had to get a replacement part. He stated it took forever for them to get the part. He said he felt the cost of the repairs was too much.
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Chris S. from Salems Wrenchworks responded on 10/20/2016

I'm not sure how to respond to this review. This customer came in with no appointment on Thursday afternoon for a master cylinder that another garage had diagnosed. I agreed that the master cylinder could be the problem. We replaced the master cylinder that day but it didn't solve the problem. Even though I didn't diagnose the master cylinder problem we took the part back off and returned it. On Friday we diagnosed a faulty ABS control valve assembly. We agreed to order a used part to repair the problem. Friday morning we ordered a used part and when it came in it was the wrong part. There were 6 options for this part so locating the right one could be difficult. That was explained to the customer. On Monday we got the correct part late in the day. Tues we installed the part and finished the job. This vehicle was in the shop about 3 business days not the 6 he stated. He was charged for a used ABS valve assembly and book labor time that amounted to about $350. We never charged for the original master cylinder labor or diagnosis of the ABS unit. I as the owner of the shop expected a 5 star review and praise for the price and service.

Rich R.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Subaru Forester
Verified Customer
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Personalized service.
My experience was just ok this time. I wish that the technician hadn't talked me out of doing a smoke test on the evap system. The evap code / check engine light re-appeared soon after I left. I took it to another garage over the weekend that performed the smoke test and immediately found the problem. I left Salem's with a $170 bill for oil top off, lower radiator hose / add coolant, and no satisfaction on the issue I originally brought the car in for. I will be back but with a better understanding of what how the technician operates. Rich

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