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Dove G.
Lexington, KY
Lincoln Town Car
Verified Customer
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12/11/2017 Category: Service
Dove said the business did not fix what they said they did when she took it there the first time, and charged her extra money for it.
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Robert L. from Auto Tech Service responded on 01/15/2018

We at Auto Tech Service take each and every customer's vehicle seriously, we listen to you, we work with you and treat everyone with the customer service they deserve.  Your Lincoln had a blown engine, you left it here both times for an extended amount of time, to the point we had to charge more for the storage of your vehicle. Does it cost me anything to have a vehicle on my property? Yes, we have to spend employee time trying to reach you repeatedly over the the course of weeks you leave your vehicle, our employees must physically move your  vehicle in and out of the shop daily and clean the fluid loss from your vehicle from our shop floor and parking lot. All these things take time and money, when if a customer would simply retrieve their vehicle when they decide no repair will be done all that, and the cost could be avoided.  

Lexington, KY
Buick Century
Verified Customer
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Would not return
Went in for one thing and suggested other things

Lexington, KY
Dodge Pickup
Verified Customer
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Not impressed!
Well not sure what they are trying to get away with but watch out! Always make appointment just to have them keep your automobile for 2 days for a brake job then will continue to call you about other repairs constantly!
Auto Tech C. from Auto Tech Service responded on 09/17/2015


I must admit I'm quite taken aback by your words...beyond the severe brake problems your truck had, we did what we do for all customers and that is check all fluid levels, belts, hoses, lights, air pressure and so on...we could clearly see you had a number of other issues with your truck, we called you, explained the issues we found, then recommended, and I stress recommended a course of action and/or repair, at that point it was your decision to say yes or no as we never do work on a customers vehicle without their approval. You approved repairs, we did them. The reason we had your truck two days was because of the level of repair your vehicle needed and you approved. I as the owner stand behind my employees course of action, and that is making our customers aware of any problems we see with their vehicle, we do it for all our customers. Their is, was no pressure, simply explain the issues we find, recommend a course of action, then let the customer decide how they want to proceed. Auto Tech Servide has been in business for over 50 years with thousands of satisfied customers evey year, I was a customer myself for well over 10 years...I never felt duped in any way, I liked the business so much I bought it over 6 years ago.  
I invite you, and everyone to look at our many reviews on this site, as well as Google, Yelp, and Angie's list, In fact we've won Angie's list Super Service Award 3 of the last 4 years and well as the Lexington Herald-Leader Readers Choice Favorite for auto repair in Lexington 4 years in a row. This review is simply not repersentative of Auto Tech Service, and I felt I had to address it as I see it as unfair, and untrue. 

Mike G.
Dodge Charger
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
09/11/2014 Category: Service
Mike said the business charged him $30 to tell him that the noise coming from the cooling fan was normal. Six days later, the check engine light came on and the vehicle shut down. He had to pay another facility $700 to replace the cooling fans and perform a coolant flush. This business should refund him for an incorrect diagnosis. He would not recommend the business due to this experience.
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Auto Tech C. from Auto Tech Service responded on 09/19/2014

We are certainly sorry that you were not happy with your visit.  Upon reviewing your ticket and reading over all the technical notes,  I see where we told you that we could not duplicate the noise complaint at this time.   And it was suggested when the noise worsens or is more persistent to return.  Since you did not return when the noise was more pronounced it is unfair to think we misdiagnosed the issue.  Without hearing the noise we could not determine what repair was needed. We also have a 30 day guarantee on our testing that if we do not find an issue or if the issue returns we will test or inspect for free.  We certainly would have reinspected the issue once the issue was more pronounced.  I see this is a phone interview so we will certainly follow up with you on the other items you mentioned in the survey.